heating canned nacho cheese sauce in crock pot

momcooksforkidsMay 7, 2008

I will be needing to heat canned nacho cheese sauce in a crock pot to serve over chips for a school function. The can is like a large coffee can size, and is over 6 pounds. I can't find anywhere how long this sauce will take to heat up in a crock pot. Any information will be helpful.

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I did a couple of cans of that for Ashley's graduation open house, she and her friends just love the stuff.

Anyway, two cans heated through in about 2 hours on high. It might have been hot in less time, but that's when I thought to check it, LOL.


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I have a 2 quart crock pot which is great for nacho cheese sauce. I make mine from scratch and it will keep as long as it lasts on warm or low setting. You could also empty the whole can into a 5 quart slow cooker.

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