Chicken Stock

jasdipMay 13, 2012

When making chicken stock do you cover it or simmer it uncovered? I never know for sure.

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Depends if you want it to reduce or not...I usually cook mine uncovered.....that way no chance of a boil over either.

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I always cook mine uncovered and at a low simmer to reduce it and concentrate the flavor.

Actually, I rarely cover anything....drives my DH nuts.

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That's what I thought. Thanks!

Chase, I always wonder why I boil pasta uncovered, and potatoes always covered. And my potatoes always boil over. I should just learn to boil them uncovered. Habits are hard to break though.

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Chase, I also cook most things uncovered, Elery is constantly putting lids on pots.

I also simmer chicken stock uncovered so it can reduce and intensify, and I do it in my big Nesco roaster, so it cooks all day, usually.


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I have always simmered it covered to cook all of the ingredients and then remove the cover to reduce the stock. Probably makes no differance, but just how I do it.

Same with most of the soups or sauces I make.

Dale P

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I always cover. This will save energy cost. Evaporation will require more heat.

Covering also keeps aroma inside. The wonderful smell in your house is the smell no longer in your stock.

There is no need to make stock by boiling. Simmering and rapid boiling makes no difference in the stock cooking temperature.


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I usually have too much in the pot to cover! But it does make sense that covering would save on energy. Sometimes I use my electric kettle to boil water first and then add to the pot.

I find that if the stock comes to a boil, it ends up cloudy rather than clear...simmering will give you clear broth.

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Covered. In my pressure cooker. Half hour, done.

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I can't believe I'm the only one who is a cover it halfway with the lid type of person - because that's the way Mom always did it - that way I get the benefit of reduction and the benefit of keeping aromas in my pot and a little savings on energy costs I presume.

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I put a lid on things where I want to keep the heat carrots steaming in very little water. I remove the lid from things where I want to concentrate the flavors as in a stock or sauce reduction.....and also those things I want to keep from boiling potatoes or pasta.
I put the lid half on and half off those things that seem to be splattering but I still want to reduce.

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