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mike2010August 29, 2014

i was quoted a price of $900.00 to install one 14" return air duct, replace the "return box" on the attic unit with a box that can receive both the original 18" duct and the new 14" duct.
price includes labor, material
seems high for installing one return duct
it will only be about 15' from the unit in an open attic

we have a 5 ton unit that is 10 years old and has been running fine with the original 18" return duct.

the unit started "freezing up" 2 days ago with no other symptoms. temp is the normal north texas summer of 95 to 100 degrees.
the problem started all at once.
filter size is 20x25x1 and is changed every 2 months, filter was not dirty.
any thoughts or suggestions???

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the tech added 4lbs of coolant and said there may be an obstruction in the coils or the compressor because "the suction and return are different levels"??? not sure what that means.
the house is single story 2450 sqft with 10' average ceilings

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Too many possibilities and too few answers are presented. Either you arn't accuratly relaying techs findings or the tech isn't sure what he is doing. Adding return doesn't adiquatly address the problems. Before we can help you,we need some answers,starting with. Was the refrigerant leak found and repaired? Was the evap coil inspected and/or cleaned? Has evap blower been tested and eliminated as cause of insufficent air flow? That is only the start but is at least somthing to work with going foward.

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