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sammie1August 22, 2011

Excellent forum. Lots of information. Hope someone can answer my question. I have an Infinity 96 heating approximately 4000 sq ft 2 floor home. I want to remove the basement from the equation and add something else in the future. I want to zone the 1st floor from the second floor. I was told to have an evolution system placed, run a new trunk for the 1st floor and place 2 dampers to make 2 zones. At this point, cost is a factor. What other options are out there and is almost $5400 too much to place 40 ft of new trunk and the zone system? Thanks for any advise.

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Can't help you with the zoning ?, but just wondered: do you have both supply and return in your basement?


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What is the purpose of this? Why do it? What are you attempting to accomplish? Just trying to understand your post better.

Do you have uneven heating and cooling between the floors?

You realize that a finished basement partially or below grade has very low heating and cooling requirements. Depending on your location and
basement's insulation qualities, dehumidification can be an issue.

Retrofits can be pricey and sometimes problematic.

Post back.


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Thanks for the replies. Yes, both the main trunk and return are in the basement, accessable. only a third of the basement (walk out section) is finished, and in summer and winter very cold. The 2nd floor is typically 5 degrees warmer in summer, and 5 degrees colder in winter. Already had the furnace flow adjusted professionally. I live near cleveland ohio (where all the snow comes down) House seems well insulated as the gas bill have been very reasonable in mid winter (I only moved in January)

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Dealer is quoting Infinity controls?

Post mdl number and size of existing furnace and condenser.

Can you explain why you don't want to include the basement in the zoning controls system?

You have qualified dealer 's experience with zoning?

Post back.


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Thanks for the reply. Dealer is quoting for the Evolution zone system only. The furnace is existing along with 2 main ducts, 1 return. He will add the evolution system along with 1 more main (he will remove the 1st floor branches off of the 2 existing and put on the new main).
Since the basement is not used often, and I wanted to finish the other 66% in the future, I wanted to add geothermal or heated flooring throughout the basement. Once again, funding is the issue for finishing.
All I have is the furnace model 58mvb100. The issue is just keeping the temps the same on the upper two floors in both the summer and winter. Again, thanks for all the advise.

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Because you already have a two stg Infinity furnace, you would be best advised to stay with a Bryant/Carrier dealer and purchase their Infinity/Evolution controls.

However I do recommend you get another quote from either a Bryant Od Carrier dealer.


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Are you sure you have 4000 square feet between the first and second floors of your house without including the basement? A 100K BTU furnace would seem marginal for a house in your climate.

I can understand a 5 degree difference in summer, but a 5 degree difference in winter is cause for concern. Are you getting good air flow on the upper floor? What happens to the air flow upstairs if you close every register on the first floor?

What temperature differential is the contractor hoping to achieve with the zoning system? Is he giving you any guarantee it will work?

I second the suggestion on talking to additional Bryant/Carrier dealers for more opinions on how the problem can be solved.

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Thanks to the answers. Yes, the house is a hair shy of 4000 without the basement. Only 1/3 of the basement is heated, but very poorly at that, especially in the winter. I have been told the furnace is maxed for this home (it was a spec). The 5 degree differences were prior to the "equilibration", so I will see this winter. But so far, since last weeks' air equilibration, the temp is closer but still hotter especially in the farther upstairs rooms. I have good air flow upstairs, but the 1st floor is definitely better and colder with the a/c.
The hope is that the evolution will close one damper (1st floor) and continue to pump either a/c or heat to the 2nd and balance the temps better. For the $, I would hope it does the job. The only other option I seem to have is to add a second furnace in the attic. Again, thanks for all the advise.

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