Trane XR 13 vs XR15?

tubemanAugust 24, 2011

I have two 3 ton units. The XR 13 quote is $13,500 the XR 15 quote is $15,000. Is it worth the extra $1500 to upgrade? This is for the entire installation in new construction.

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What location?

Other than the condensers, any other differences in equipment or install?

What air handlers are being quoted?

Post back.


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Location is coastal Florida, handler is TAM4OA36S31SA for the XR 13 and TAM7AOC36H31SA for the XR 15 system. Otherwise, everything is the same.

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What thermostat was quoted?

What size heat strip?

To your question and I will assume you plan on being in this home for 10+ years, my advice would be the XR15 configuration especially taking into acct your location and that cooling is more important and has a longer season than heating.

$1500 is not a steal but it's not absurd either. Perhaps a little negotiating with contractor or dealer is called for. Ask him to sharpen his pencil. I would ask him to upgrade you at his cost difference plus 10% which would be more than fair. I assume the HVAC cost would be incorporated into the mortgage so relatively speaking the cost difference really is inconsequential.

Ductwork cost is over and above figures you listed?

As a rule of thumb and I know one has to be careful here, you would not
want to be over 10% HVAC cost of the cost of new home construction.

If you do elect the XR13, I would want the same VS Hyperion air handler quoted for the XR15.

My ideas.

Good Luck!

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Thanks very much for your response. All the duct work is included. What is better about the Hyperion handler?

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Tube man

Hyperion is Trane's relatively new line of air handlers. I have not seen any negative comments thus far.

I suggest you discuss with your dealer. I am also providing a link to the Trane website which is helpful.


Here is a link that might be useful: Trane Hyperion Air Handlers

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I would say that XR15 is worth it at a $1,000 premium, given that you are in Florida, but $1,500 is steep and it will take a long time for you to recoup that investment. Consider whether you'd rather spend the money now on the upgrade or, given it's a new construction, throw it at the kitchen or the bedroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: HVAC Site

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One or 2 units for $1500? My cousin is building a new home in Michigan. I think his premium for a single XR15 over XR13 was around $700. I suggested against it as the XR13 with the furnace he's getting is 14 SEER. 1 SEER point in MI isn't worth $700. May be in Florida though 1 point isn't much.

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I normally agree with Baldloonie.

However the cooling season is much longer in Florida compared to Michigan.

Just My Opinion

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