Lazy susan in laundry room? For what?

nikkidanMarch 3, 2012

Here's my laundry room:

Our W/D will be front loaders on pedestals with drawers. On either side of the W/D, there is only about 12 inches, so logic is to put lazy susans in those spaces. I had a lazy susan in our kitchen in our previous home and just HATED it...just wasn't efficient storage for me there.

So I'm either going to go with open shelving on those corners, or do lazy susans. But I'm trying to figure out what in the world I would use TWO lazy susans for?

What would I store in a LS in my LR?

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I think lazy susans waste a lot of usable space in a cabinet. I like to get everything possible into a laundry room cabinet and would never ever consider lazy susans for that room.

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Can you reach into those corners easily or will they become caves for lost items? I have a kitchen with many unreachable corner cabinets and I would love to have lazy susans there. At least some of the space would be functional. New cabinets would be better, but $$$ is an issue.

I am very envious of your nice laundry room - my W/D is stacked in a closet in the kitchen. Convenient but not very efficient.

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I can think of very little, laundry wise, that would fit in a lazy Susan. I would go with corner cabinets. Can the washer be moved to the corner? That would give space for a good size cabinet. 12" won't store much.

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Like oreg mentioned, lazy susans are awesome for tricky-to-reach areas, like a deep cabinet. The original design of the LR at my weekend house was so terrible I couldn't actually get to the back of the shelves above the machines, so I used three. When I re-imagined the room I changed all that, so the LSs were junked! I make better use of the space grouping products by purpose in open containers.

Full disclosure: I'm a crazy who uses different detergents/pre-treat products depending on the fabric, color, etc. so there's a lot to organize vs. a typical scenario. Lol.

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