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cf1717March 14, 2009

I need to buy a new dryer. I have my old top loader washer still. I cannot afford to get both units right now. Can you get the steam dryer and keep the top loader washer. I'm getting a new washer in a few months but my dryer doesn't work well at all right now (Took me 2 1 hour cycles to dry my sheets!

I have been told by a salesman that it would take me a very long time to dry clothes with the new dryer b/c my old washer will not spin the clothes good enough. Is this true? or is the saleman trying to get a sale for a washer and dryer


We were looking at the Duet Steam Dryer (eventually going to get a reg Duet washer not steam)

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Are your sheets coming out of the washer really wet? If not, then yes it will probably take longer than if you had a new washer. But it will still dry your clothes.

However, have you actually checked your dryer venting? I mean all the way from the start to where it vents out of the house. If it is really clogged your dryer will shut down and not produce any heat. Also check on the inside of the actual dryer vent tubing.

If you take a clean flexible dryer hose and vent it outside and your dryer works, then that would tell you that you have a clogged vent. If so, this is a definite fire hazard and needs to be cleaned. Plus a new dryer would not work any better.

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We have a silver flexible hose the goes from the dryer directly outside and it is cleared. The dryer is just old i think. We are going to be replacing them regardless next year when we redo the basement.

The sheet just come out damp and so does clothes. When they go in they aren't sopping wet.

I just want to know with a new dryer like the duet steam I was told that it wil not work well because I dont have the matching washer and I cannot use my old washer along with this particular new dryer

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The only washer/dryer unit that I know of that actually communicates between the two units, are the new triangular door GE FL units. Unless the duet steam units communicate, via a hookup, I don't know why you can't use the dryer.

When you finally purchase a new washer you will see the time to dry will be reduced. Maybe that is what the salesman is trying to communicate, that you may not get quick drying times and he is afraid you will be disappointed.

Also depending on your dryer vent run, if you can go with rigid metal, that should help your dryer time. Less air restriction the better the dryer works.

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Thanks!!!!!!! :)

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I own both the Whirlpool Duet Steam washer and dryer. My wife and I have had them for about 4 months now. There is nothing in their operation that you can't order and use just one of them. If the dryer is all you can afford right now, then buy it and get the washer later. We had a similar situation to yours where the Kenmore dryer that we had a bad heating element after nearly 20 years on the job. The washer still worked but we bit the bullet and got both anyway.

The new Duet Steam dries like nobody's business. It does everything from "super delicates" to a "sanitize" cycle which basically roasts clothes on high for about an hour (useful for bedsheets that can take the punishment). Most cycles can be manually tweaked depending on what you need to do. It's big enough for a king size comforter. Now we wash our comforter in house versus sending it to the dry cleaners at $30+ a pop. The moisture sensor adjusts drying times depending on the humidity of the interior so dry times are more realistic. We've used the steam function a few times with some of my wife's clothing. And unlike the LGs which require you to fill up a water tray, the Whirlpool dryer just patches into your laundry cold water hose with a Y-connector. This makes much more sense.

At your earliest convenience, do order and install the matching washer. The washer was a bigger difference in our laundry room than the dryer and we love the dryer. Clothes are noticeably cleaner all around, and we get more done faster. We have two potty training kids so the "sanitize" cycle is essential for us when we get those "poo" problems.

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We are looking at purchasing the Whirlpool Duet, but can't decide whether the steam is an option we want or not.

My husband has asked a couple of really good questions. You answered one with the explanation of the y-connector.

The other question is whether or not the steam causes mold and mildew in the laundry room area.

We're also looking at the Electrolux, but I've been unable to locate any real review information on them, so I'm going back to my old standby; Whirlpool.

What is your opinion on the FL, as opposed to the TL? Is it really worth the additional $$?

Any other revalations you would like to share?

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update on our situation:

we decided to suck it up and buy both the steam washer and dryer. I hear great reviews on it and some friends have it too. I cannot wait to get them! Thanks for all the info

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Hi CF...I see your post was a while ago. Curious as to how you like your Steam Washer and Dryer. Did you get the Duet?

WE are in the market currently so any info is greatly appreciated,


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We bought the Duet's twin, the Maytag dryer with steam and I love it! We had it hooked up directly to the cold water line under the cabinet (couldn't use the Y connector) and I often use to freshen a load that has set inside the dryer for a day or so OR to de-wrinkle a shirt or two that were crunched in the closet. Keep in mind that the Duet does not support a dryer shelf (at least a year ago it didn't) and the Maytag does (albeit is a crappy design).

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Yes........After having the Duet pair since 2004, I would recommend them. I have had one small problem with the washer, nothing with the dryer...For anyone who reads this who has purchased a Duet in the past year or so....can you do me a HUGE favor and look on the panel and see if you see a rinse option called "max rinse".....It should be on the extreme lower right of the front of the panel.....depending on which model you have.....if you do have it..Please engage the max rinse and let me know how much MORE water it uses as opposed to the typical standard rinse. I have been trying to find the answer to this question FOREVER. Thanks

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