Laundry room white cabinets...material?

nikkidanMarch 3, 2012

I'm seriously considering white cabinets in my laundry room (new build).

Will I regret white in there? It's laundry only, the mudroom is off of the laundry room, but the LR has a door, so it won't be a high traffic area.

Also...we are trying to get the cost down on the cabinets in the LR too. All of our cabs will be custom built. I can see spending what we have to spend to have good nice cabinets elsewhere, but we are over budget on our home, not alot, but some.

So I'm wondering if we go with white cabinets in there, can we have them built out of a more "economical" material? Or is there just a cheaper wood they use and then paint them? I've never dealt with white or painted cabinets before. I'll be speaking to our cab builder on Monday, but wondering if anyone here might have some info for me.

FYI...the doors and trim throughout the home will be white.


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Just a thought ... I've seen some beautiful laundry rooms done with Ikea cabinets. I've seen it done in multi million dollar homes.

Here is a link to two beautiful lottery homes. You'll see in the sources that many items came from Ikea in the laundry and I think they are beautiful.

Here are some photos. Last two are Sarah Richardson with cabinets by Ikea.

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