Can't wash waterproof mattress pads in new LG washer??!

GatorsmomMarch 23, 2013

My husband just bought the new LG Wavetech top- loading HE washer from Sears. After it was installed I went to wash a load of laundry and noticed the sticker said I couldn't wash any waterproof bedding in this washer. Um, I have 4 kids, one of which has special needs. He wets his bed every night. Soaks it. Of course because I don't want him to soak his mattress I have waterproof mattress pads on it. In fact, all my kids do because another one of my kids wets her bed occasionally still too. I nearly cried when I saw that sticker on the washer. Then when I saw how long it take the average wash cycle to finish, I did cry. I can't keep this washer. If it will take over an hour for an average load of laundry to wash and the another hour to dry, I will spend the better part of my life in front of this machine. Then I see on your website that the LGs have lots of mold problems AND LG pretty much acknowledges this by saying in their instruction manual to be sure to do a special cleaning cycle regularly to prevent this!

I'm loving the suggestions for a speed queen but am wondering if it will serve a large family well. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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Let me start by saying that I do not own a HE Top Loader washer, only front loaders. I would never own a HE top loader. However, I do know quite a bit about laundry and washers.

All HE washers, top and front loading, have long cycle times. The final spins are much higher, and the loads they can handle are much larger than the old school top loader. Higher spins means less dry time, which cuts some of the time off per load. Drying times should not ever exceed an hour, unless the load is huge and heavy. In all honesty, with the newer washers, you just cannot wait a week, and plan to do a ton of wash in one day. A load here, a load there works best for these washers.

As for the mattress pads....I am assuming they are restricted because they are not absorbent, and can unbalance easily. In my opinion, you could wash those. HOWEVER, I would highly recommend you get to know this washer first. Delicate cycle would probably be best, even though it will probably will not let you wash in hot, and the spin speed would be slower. After that cycle completes, you can always run a separate spin cycle to get all the water out for faster drying.

Speed Queen washers are good washers. However, they are basic, and do not have the capacity that your HE washer has. You will still end up washing more loads with short wash times, versus larger loads and longer cycle times. The only brand washer that has the traditional top loader cycle times are the Speed Queen, the rest of the manufacturers have gone the high efficiency route, and the times have been extended. Laundry takes longer to get clean with reduced water and larger load capacity. The HE TL has the potential to wash very well, IF you follow the instruction manual's recommendation for cycles and use a good detergent. Try not to be so discouraged from the beginning. If you hate it after trying it out, exchange it within a reasonable amount of time. Laundry is a big job for most families, and an expensive investment these days. In my opinion, you should only use a washer you love, making laundry less of a chore. I hope this helps!!

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You cant wash a matress pad in a LG waveforce on delicate, it will not add enough water to it to make it wet. I had one, so I know. I now have a speed queen. LOVE IT!

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I assumed delicate cycles used more water by default. Oops. Jeez, they really have screwed up washers these days, haven't they?

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