Maytag Centennial HE Top Load Washer MVWC400XW

davidm69March 7, 2011

I am interested to learn more about this washer. It has a wash plate instead of the usual agitator and uses very little water.

How effective is the rinse(s)?

What is the incidence of repairs?

What is the overall satisfaction among users?

Where can I found out how each cycle is supposed work? i.e. wash length? cycle time? spray rinse or deep rinse?

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Go to Maytags website and they are good about having the owners manual on there for there washers and dryers. It should explain most of what you are looking for. Also, you can google the washers model number, and find out owner reviews on it.

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There are also videos on YouTube showing how the HE impeller system washes. Search for Maytag Bravos or Whirlpool Cabrio (same mechanism).

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The washer you speak of is basically a low end Cabrio, with out the detergent and fabric softener dispensors, electronic controls. It has a deep clean switch, which is nothing more than a longer wash cycle, and more agatation, which on cabrio's in known as the power wash cycle. The spray rinses are uses on most cycles unless you choice the fabric softerner option which then will over ride the spray rinse, and let the washer fill with water to add the fabric softener, which you will either have to do manually, or use a downy ball as per the owners manual instructions. Reliability should be about the same as a cabrio. You cannot modify your spin speeds and you can in a cabrio, yours are preset.

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Thanks for the info. gates1. Do you happen to know what the agitation time is for each cycle and how much time the deep clean option adds to the cycle.

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Sorry Davidm69, it was not stated in the owners manual, but my guess will be cycle times are between 30-60 minutes since you do not have a internal heater in this machine. They take longer to wash, because there is no agitater in the washer, just the wash plate.

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You can also go to YouTube and type in whirlpoolcorpcare. They have some demo videos of how their washers work - load sensing, agitation etc.


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I have the Bravos and the length of the cycle varies according to the cycle chosen. Here are the times of the cycles on my machine. Whites 1 hr.16 min, bulky 57 min, sheets 1 hr.04 min, normal 42 min, heavy duty 48 min, colors/towels 50 min , and hand wash 45 min. an extra rinse adds anywhere from 10 to 15 min longer. I am very pleased with the cleaning of my machine. I also love the fact that bulky items like throw rugs, blankets, etc don't throw it out of balance so it dances across the floor. :)
Sorry I can't describe how or what it does during the cycle. I just set it and let it go. I hear a beep when it is done and go get my clean clothes. I can tell you it kinda sounds like a jet plane taking off when it starts up.You know that sound as a plane accelerates down the runway. Not annoying, just interesting the way it sounds.
Had mine about a year now and no complaints at all, except the lack of a long soak cycle.

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Have you considered the WP WTW58ESVW, 4.0? I'm going to go see if I can find this locally today. I looked at the Centennial, but I really hate being limited to HE only soap machine.

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