Laundry folding counter lower?

nikkidanMarch 3, 2012

Designing my Laundry room. Here's the plan:

I'm wondering, to the left of the W/D (top of the pic), that will be my folding counter. Should I put that lower than the average cabinet? Looking on Houzz and seeing quite a few with counters on one side lower than the others and wondering why.

What do you all think?

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I think the lower counters may be used as a desk surface.

I have a large table in the middle of my laundry room that I added castors too. It allows me to move the table around but also brought the table up to counter height. I got the idea from Martha Stewart's kitchen (image below) (her islands are on castors and I thought it was a great idea).

I use the table for folding, wrapping gifts, crafts. It's been great.

I would not want to bend over to fold.

My counter height is 36" I think.

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I think it has to be the height you find comfortable. Try folding laundry on a table you have and then on a regular counter top. See what works best for you. Table height works for me but I am short. Counter height forces me to bend my elbows to fold laundry. Not very ergonomic for me at all.

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