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mettapeaceMarch 12, 2013

I just purchased a front loader to be placed in 2nd floor laundry room. Never had a 2nd floor laundry room and suddenly became very concerned about leaks. Have any of you purchased a washer tray? Saleslady said that it will make the washer LOUD!

If that's so, did any of you purchase something like this: Anti-walk Silent Feet - Anti-vibration Pads for Washing Machines and Dryers?

BTW, I'm very excited to be getting my first matched set. My old FL Frigidaire is still going after 12 years without a hitch, but buyers of my house wanted my W/D. So soon I'll be washing with LG 2250.


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I have a steel washer tray under my second floor washer. I don't notice to be any louder than the same units without a tray downstairs. Regardless of whether it makes it noisier, you need the tray and a drain just in case.

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They were required by building code in my area for non-lowest-level installations until about 8 years ago, after which machines using a certain low amount of water (basically front-loaders and maybe a few HE top-load machines) became excempt. It's unlikely a machine failure would dump a huge amount of water on your floor so I wouldn't bother with a tray; a burst intake hose is a bigger threat (but also is for faucets and such). Use braided burst-resistant hoses if possible.

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