laundry appliances size top load vs front load

plumberryMarch 9, 2014

we have top load washer front load dryer (for now until we need to replace), and are installing cabinets around them.
figuring we will replace them when the time comes with front load washer - is there anything we should consider in our cabinet design? we assume the sizes of the appliances are basically the same... thanks

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Gwarstong, actually. There is much similarity but no standardization. You'll have to shop and pay attention to dimensions.

Since you're talking about installing cabinets specifically to accommodate the machines, I would be especially attentive.

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If you go with a FL, will you be using pedestals? They can vary in height, some are 8in. to 15in.

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We just replaced 25 year old washer and dryer with a new front load LG washer and dryer. They are about 1.5" wider each than the old ones, and a bit deeper. Also we installed the new ones on pedestals which elevated them 12" or so.

I would go on line and get the measurements of some of the most popular brands and types you would consider, so you know now how big they could be.

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I would never "build in" cabinets around a W/D for a couple of reasons. In 5 years there could be some kind of new design that would require tearing everything out to accommodate the new machines. For resale it's better to have an open area that can house any kind of machine - top loading or front loading with or without pedestals. Washers and dryers seem to not last very long nowadays, many people replace their machines every few years now.

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Also, with a FL on pedestals, it is very hard to reach the shelves over the washer and dryer. (Experience speaking.) Need a step stool to get to the back of the shelves.

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