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golfer57January 14, 2014

Hi everyone,

i need your advice on picking a counter for my bathroom..i know this is the kitchen thread but the bath section doesnt get as much traffic. Below is a pic of my finished almost finished bathroom using faux carrera i dont know what to do with the tub deck and counter for the cabinets which are also white also going to do a white shaker tub skirt ..i was leaning toward doing an all white bathroom with a white quartz..would that be too bland?

My two choices was a with flecks that was a little off white and one that is really white white but with no flecks...the only worry i have with the one with no flecks is that it may look plasticky? the other option was to do a grey quartz to give it some contrast but i couldnt find a sample that i didnt think clashed..what do you guys think? Also those windows will probably be replaced as those are original to the house. thanks

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here is example of the white quartz with flecks but sort of an off white color

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here is a picture of a white white flecks

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

Keep looking--you should be able to find a gray quartz that goes with your shower.

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I'd stay in the white family and do as plain white a quartz you can find. If you do a grey quartz it will stick out relative to your faux carrarra tiles...if you do white it will blend seamlessly with everything else. I do like quartz, but the thing that often strikes me about it is it tends to look very manmade due to the repeating patterns. Meaning there is not variation in the speckles or veining. So based on that, if I were ever to do quartz I'd stick with as basic a colour you can find. Good luck! Oh and those stained glass windows are gorgeous!

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Is your flooring the faux carrera tiles also? If so, and you really like the white on white look, then there is a quartz called Cambria Torquay which my mother just installed in a bathroom with similar colors as yours... and it's stunning. Here's a picture I just came across on Houzz with that particular countertop.

Otherwise, I think a gray quartz like junco was recommending would be beautiful and provide a nice contrast.

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We have carrara on the floors in both bathrooms. in one of the bathrooms, we put a grey-ish tile (called Silver Stripe) on the walls and white quartz on the vanity. In the other, we tiled the walls of the shower in white and the floor in various shades of grey and black; the vanity will be white. Both look great, so I think you can go either way -- either all white or add grey. I agree that the first picture you posted doesn't really go with your particular white/tile - I think there's too much hint of blue in the quartz.

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The floor is the matching faux tile but matte finish. So the room is really white I considered using super white which I have and love in the kitchen but was worried that because it has a lot of movement it would clash with the veining of the tile. If my significant other wasn't such a messy person I would have done all marble. :). Maybe one day. I did consider using the white quartz on the tub deck and grey counter on the bathroom vanity but I took some samples of the grey quartz and it was a little dark for my taste.

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I would get some samples and put them next to your tile. For me, any of the options you listed would be great (white, white with movement, gray, etc), but it really matters how it looks with the other materials in the room. If you already have samples, could you take pictures of the samples with your tile close up so we can see how they go together?

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I don't think you could go wrong with a pure white that went well with the tub. I don't think I would do speckles because the other material has veins.

I think it would be a shame to get rid of the windows unless they are in bad shape and it would be out of budget to repair them. They give the room a lot of character and they also obscure the view from outside into the bathroom.

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