Doors or drawers in laundry room?

akcorcoranMarch 25, 2013

We have a multi-purpose laundry room going in. It's got space for laundry and laundry baskets as well as a few other cabinets. I know I want to put in a utility cabinet for tall thing, but other than that, would you but in drawers, or doors with pull-outs or any traditional cabinets with shelves?

Trying to figure out our best option to maximize storage on the lower side. We have three big double door cabinet uppers in a row on top.

thanks for your thoughts -

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I recommend anything BUT traditional shelves. Stuff gets put or pushed back there in our laundry room cabs, and we don't see it for years, or decades.

Drawers or roll-out shelves get my vote. We did this in our recent kitchen remodel and love it. No more getting down on our aging knees to hunt for something (usually heavy) in the back).

The only negative about roll-out shelves and drawers is that you lose some storage space, as opposed to traditional stationary shelves. It was worth it to me.

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Thanks! I agree with you I think. I think it's even more key because we're saving money but having three of our old kitchen uppers going in to the top which is a LOT of shelf space for stuff that usually isn't very pretty. Going to need a lot of baskets or figure out a way to make those look nice while holding things like light bulbs and cleaning supplies! Maybe I'll hit pinterest and houzz for suggestions.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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