is my dryer dying and worth fixing?

drcindyMarch 12, 2012

I have a 14-year-old Frigidaire Gallery dryer. It's pretty basic. For the past couple months, it has been making the most horrific squeaking, squealing, and loud lower pitched noises that I can't even describe, throughout 3/4 of the drying cycle. But it's still drying fine. I think I've had it fixed in the past for squeaking; had something to do with the ball bearings if I'm not mistaken. Does this sound like it might just go kaput at any moment? Does it also sound like it's worth fixing at it's age, or should I start shopping around?

If I need a new one, can anyone suggest a good basic dryer with good capacity? I'm not looking for anything fancy, and it certainly doesn't need to match my LG washer, which is only 2-3 years old. Thanks!

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Many dryers have bearing slides, flat nylon strips upon which the front rim of the drum rides, that commonly wear down. Some have a rear center bearing or a couple support roller/wheels depending on the mechanical design, as well as an idler pulley for the belt. These items typically are not expensive. You don't cite your model number, so I can't look up a parts diagram on it.

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Hi dadoes-

thanks for the quick reply and reassurance! The model # is FDE648GFS0, if that helps.

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There is a felt strip (part number 5303937139) glued to the front panel that has nylon glides embedded in it, on which the front rim of the drum rides. Less than $35 per one of several online sources. If this is worn, it should be replaced ASAP or the drum is running metal-to-metal and wearing down its rim and the machine's front panel. I've seen a drum tear completely through the front (on other brands/models) if left unattended for too long.

There is a belt idler (131580400), approx $20.

And several pieces related to a rear drum bearing, collectively approx $40.

Can't say from afar which items are involved in your problem.

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