Laundry/mudroom cabinet color?

snaupalMarch 2, 2012

Our laundry/mudroom is right off of the kitchen, and we will be installing new cabinetry to match the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets will be cream colored, with a chocolate colored island. I'm wondering how the white finish has held up for those of you with white cubbies/benches/shoe racks in the mudroom? We can go either white or brown in here. I see all the marks and scratches on my wood furniture in the rest of the house and don't know if white would show less or more dings in this high traffic area!

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Because of the high traffic in a mud room, I would do chocolate cabinets. What color are the W & D? If white, chocolate cabinets would make a nice contrast.

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Yes, the washer and dryer are white. That was my thought too - chocolate cabinets - but I don't know if knicks would be more or less obvious than on white.

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Dark cabinets will show lots of dust/lint/etc.

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I can't speak to the issue of how they will hold up but they look great in white!

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Our kitchen is dark perimeter cabinets with white hood and island we did match the white in the laundry room that is close to the kitchen. Our painter did a color match for all the trim through our the house to our white cabinet color.

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We have off-white cubbies and dark espresso almost black cabinets in our mudroom/laundry room area. Both are fine if you give them a quick wipe down once a week.

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xc60 - we are in the process of designing our laundry and mudroom. Your cubbies look to have great proportions - would you mind sharing the dimensions of them and if you could change anything about them, what would it be?

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Placed the cabinet order today, and ended up doing two-tone. The cabinets above the washer and the sink cabinet are white, then the bench and lower shoe shelves are brown, while the frame around the bench and the cabinets above are white. The brown matches the brown kitchen island a few feet away. Crossing my fingers that this will turn out ok! I will post pictures in a few weeks when it is all installed.

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I love all the pictures on here, these spaces are beautiful! I was going to tell you that we are just about finished with our cabinet install in our new laundry room and we choose a white cabinet (it might be closer to a cream) and I'm very happy about it. Perhaps darker hides more but it is a low traffic area in our house.

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