Putting furniture in front of baseboard heaters?

morahamyAugust 15, 2012

We are moving into a 1952 cape with the original baseboard heaters and a new buderus boiler. I have read that I am not supposed to put furniture in front of the baseboards, however in two of the bedrooms (both of which have very wide closets) the heaters run along most of the rest of the wall. What's the best way to maximize my efficiency without putting my bed in the closet...?

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I grew up with them and there usually wasn't a choice. I think most of our rooms had furniture in front of them.

However(ours were electric) we melted the back of of a naugehyde sofa (high quality fake leather I think). I had crayons fall off of my desk and melt all over one. This was in the 70's. I think it is safest not to put stuff....If they are water heated and not electric maybe it's not the same...

My parents hated the bills, but I sure loved being able to crank up my bedroom when I wanted. I just had to try not to get caught. The individual thermostats was soooo nice. I think I even melted crayons that were inside my nightstand as well as the random ones I dropped.

As far as efficiency, I am no help here!! I would think that if they are long then it shouldn't matter much. Just don't put stuff up tight against them to totally block the heat. Ceiling fans would probably help because as the heat rises it will help it circulate.

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Since your house was built in the '50s, I am going to assume your boiler was originally oversized and you have more baseboard than your house really needs. Blocking some of the baseboard is probably not going to have a significant affect on heating the house.

I suggest you keep the furniture at least a foot away for the baseboard in order for the air to circulate. You may want to put in some type of shield to protect your furniture from the heat.

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Put your furniture where you want and see what happens. I bet that you will have no problem.

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