Manipulating water levels

andi2928March 16, 2010

I've heard that it is possible to increase the water levels for the wash and rinse cycles... if so, is this possible with a samsung 419? Could any physical tampering void a warranty? Thanks!

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You will probably need to obtain the service manual and see if there are any hidden or "service menu" settings that would increase the water levels.

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Some machines have a "bulky" or "comforter" setting that will add more water. See if your machine has a cycle like this.

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I've used every cycle on my washer and no such luck :-( Haven't been able to find a service manual either.. grrrr!
Thanks for the suggestions guys!

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2 things I'm going to look for on my next front loader

A) It must have a large items/bulky cycle

B) It must have a skincare or max rinse (not just an extra rinse)

At least then I can have more water if I chose. Most of the newer Whirlpool FL washers that are 4.4 cu feet have this. I wish I could see a video on it but none to be found.

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Here's somthing I did with water level today washing a king size set of sheets in a 3.7 FL. I was curious if my washer would do better with more water in the wash cycle. I had a nose bleed from dry air last night, not the first time this has happened. I always got it out in the past with no issues and such. This time, I manually added more water to see how the sheets would wash. I added about twice that the amount, any more and I knew my washer would drain out the water due to weight or a safety precaution. Anyway I got it in there, the sheets did not tumble, they just rolled in a ball. No lift, no drop into the pool of water in the bottom of the drum, just a ball rolling around. I let the cycle run its course, heavy duty...with hot water. I know hot water sets blood, and in the past this has always worked getting the blood out. I do not have the option of a "true" profile wash. This time the blood still showed where it was on the sheets. I think this is cause I added too much water to the machine and hampered the wash action. All other varibles were the same, and there was enough detergent to compansate for the addtional water. I rewashed them additional water added and the blood came out. Beats me, I guess if you add too much water that is not good either in a FL wash cycle.A ny comments from anyone?

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That's why low water levels for washing is great. More lift, drop and more concentrated detergent............But the Rinse needs a somewhat higher water level I think. Some washers have larger baffles and this would not have happened, even with the extra water you added. I know what you're talking about....I adjusted my Duet a long time ago (my particular model can be adjusted) and when there is too much water, the clothes just rolled and didn't lift and drop, unless it was a FULL load of laundry, then it was fine. So I adjusted the level back down, but not as low as it originally was. When I wash now, I can hear LOTS of sloshing water; not up to the door seal, but pretty close and it does a great job! My washer is five years old now. So I'm researching a lot of what to buy next. I'm pretty sure it's going to be another whirlpool. Bulky cycle uses more water and they offer a skincare (supposedly deeper rinse) as well as extra rinse. But as long as my machine keeps going, I'm happy.

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Mark40511, how did you adjust the water levels in your Duet? I had no idea that could be done. Mine still run good here, just sometimes the washer get s a little "tude" when it comes to spinning a full load at max spin speed. Im actually surprises that after 9 years, something major has not gone wrong. I too am doing the same, researchng now just incase something happenes. My ultimate replacement would be the Meile 4842, but due to price I am not sure that if that will happen. I love the Electrolux, for its large openings, thats great for removing large comforters and such. But a service tech told me in Best buy recently that they are made by Frididare, and he said they were just dressed up models and didnt recommend them. Again just one persons opinion here. The Whirlpool models all seem to use the internal heater in more cycles than just sanitary as per what the owners manual says, and I do like the Maytage 9000 series after checking them out. From what the Training manual shows on my machine, it looks like Whirlpool beefed up the suspension over the years..more shock absorbers and such. Once could go crazy researching all the different models and such.

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Frontloaders have different ways to wash different fabrics : a delicate cycle (drum half loaded, slow roll action while floating) and a regular cycle (full load with lift and drop). Handwash is even different : always low level and rare slow rolls.

Mark you're right about higher rinse level BUT low wash one
People think that low water during main wash is just a HE thing ..... give a look to these vids : this "Highlander", a 54 y.o. Constructa - prewash then rinse, interim spin, rinse and this 40 year old Miele These water hogs are not that much HE :) however they have a low wash level

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If you're machine is nine years old. I'm pretty sure it can be done. But it can be tricky!!! It's a trial and error thing and you need a VERY VERY small flat screwdriver. Here is a link where I learned to do it. Since yours is a Kenmore and mine is a DUET, they are basically the SAME machine. Though yours is four years older than mine. I think mine is the 2nd generation Duet and mine looks exactly like the one in this link. Follow the directions EXACTLY.....It can get a little SCARY..AT one point, I had the water 2/3 up the door and it was STILL filling which cause it to trip an overfill fault.....When that happens, the machine will drain the water and just KEEP running for about ten minutes, then it will shut off. I thought I had done something wrong and completely screwed my machine up. I adjusted back down quite a few times. I think I'm at a comfortable water level now. The water level is NOT that high but the best way I can describe it is there is a much more pronounced SLOSHING during the wash and rinses. I can't see that's it's using more water but I can HEAR that it's using more based on the way it sounds and how long it's taking to fill before it's satisfied. If I use the delicate cycle (LOOK OUT!) it goes up to the window where it touches the glass. I RARELY use that cycle. ODDLY enough, the soak cycle uses no more water than I remember it did before I made any adjustments. I think my regular cycles are using about as much as the SOAK cycle. Anyway, if you want to try it, here are the instructions.

IS your washer plugged into a surge protector? I can't believe you have had NO problems with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Instructions on adjusting water level in some (not all) Duets

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Holy s***, mark! I wouldn't touch this with any length pole!

If your machine doesn't work, get a different one that does... before you resort to this stuff!

FWIW, my Duet 9400 FL from five years ago is doing fine. No problems. Excellent results from day one. Clean as a whistle today as it was when new. All I did was read the manual and did what it said.

These machines are not designed to seal water 1/2 way up the door. You're asking for trouble. If you're not satisfied, get a TL. Walk away from this disapointment. There are other machines.

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Mark, thanks for the instructions on the water level adjustment. I will check it out here shortly and see what all is involved. I would of loved to seen your eyes when it filled up 2/3 the way! LOL The only thing that has gone wrong with my washer is the water pump started making some LOUD grinding noises when it drained. I still had a extended warranty on it so it was fixed. Part of that may have been my fault, as I never cleaned out the trap before the pump. You have to remove the lower panel and it is right there..piece of cake. My washer is not on a surge protector and in the summer during severe weather, we do have power interruptions, but no issues with the electronics on it at all. My heater still works, no build up on it at all. If you take a flashlight and hold it face down in the bottom of the drum, the heater is right there. You have to stick your head insidee the washer to see it. I will keep you posted if I get brave enough with the water adjustment

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Asolo..........LOL (It seems worse than it really is) This was a LONG time ago when I followed those instructions. I got a little more water out of it and I'm happy.

Gates. I will have to shine the flashlight to check the heater. My machine is as clean as the day I bought it. It still looks like I have a new washer. But I'm OCD about everything.

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> These machines are not designed to seal water 1/2 way up the door

Asolo, so you think that machines with high water levels do have different seals and suspensions ... come on ! :)
Watch the latest 24" Whirlpool and this Bosch Axxis (here called Logixx 8)

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Im ordering the service manual for mine, to learn about it and do any future repairs on it. Its 100 dollars for a repairman to just come to my house. I have shopped online for parts for it out of curiousity. Let me tell you, one some stuff, its cheaper to get online and in some cases Sears is cheaper. I think I seen where the stainless steel drum on line was like 500 dollars and sears had it for half the amount roughly. It all depends on what your looking for. Suspension parts, springs are not that bad to buy in the event they give out. The main computer is around 150 which is a lot cheaper than replacing it.

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Well I can say this...........When I was adjusting the switch on my Duet a while back, at ONE point, water got very high (WAY more water than what I was trying to achieve)....When that did happen, there was NO leak at all. They may be designed differently....But if you think about it, doesn't the clean washer cycle use a LOT of water on some of the low water front load washers. Doesn't it go into a rapid spin with all that water in the drum to clean it. I've heard those clean washer cycles are pretty cool to watch and use a LOT of water......Granted, there are no clothes in the machine along with all that water. But if you look at those machines he posted in the link. There are clothes and a LOT of water in the drum. Who knows!

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Yes they use more water, I think to the bottom of the inverted glass. I do not have a clean cycle on my machine, but I heard they fill at the same level or a little higher than the delicate cycle

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Yep! I'm gonna do it!I'm gonna revamp this old thread (if it allows me to) I came across these two videos. If you watch this video (the lady cracks me up) I like her! She's freaking out like I was when I messed with my Duet a while back. I'm glad I did it though. It's usually more water than it was before (but not that much) Like I said, I think there is a stopping point because you don't want too much. I'm not telling anyone to mess with their machine, I just thought this was interesting to watch & still on topic. To link to the second video you will see a video response to this video. He's the guy that started it. These two people have the same machine. A Samsung.

Here is a link that might be useful: Click here

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This got me wondering if some machines have higher water settings from manufacture. I can always see the water in my very basic LG. If I do a rinse only or prewash the water is an inch onto the glass on a full load. Never had any drips or leaks.

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A few months ago, I saw the second video that mark40511 referenced, and it inspired me to tweak my Samsung's pressure switch as well. I got the water to reach just the lip of the inner tub, so that there is still effective lift and drop. There is more water during rinse cycles, up to an inch or two on the glass.

I'm a happy camper now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Make a Samsung HE front loader use more water.

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A certain person here is a habitual "know-it-all" and gives bad advice, so just ignore their comments.

As for modifying a FL to give a LITTLE more water--I personally think that's not a bad idea. Taken to the extreme, as someone mentioned, apparently causes a problem with washing action. One can always undo an adjustment to a pressure switch, so the only thing lost may be one's time tinkering. I've watched some Youtube videos on adjusting a Samsung's pressure switch, located at the top right front are of the machines that were shown in the video. Interesting, but I'm not going to mess with mine as I'm still amazed at how well everything gets cleaned, despite their being a disconcertingly small amount of water in the machine for most cycles.

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wish there was a EDIT button! :)

I should have written,"despite there being..."

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Dave....Not sure who you were referring to. I hope it's NOT me. I'm certainly not a know it all, that's for sure : D

It was interesting to hear the guy in the video say that he has super dirty clothes from his work....And..Before he did any modifications, the water draining from the machine was still dirty on the second and sometimes third cycle. He didn't strike me as someone who didn't know how to do laundry properly.

I though the water level the lady has was perfect. Not too little, not too much. He had his water half way up the door which was way too much.

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No, Mark, it definitely isn't you! :)

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Thanks! Because I certainly did not want to give the impression that I was recommending people do this to their washers. Absolutely not. I was just adding to the topic and my thoughts :)

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