HELP-Washer and Dryer Suggestions

jrzygrl_2006March 18, 2011

Please help me! I need a new washer and dryer ASAP. I am totally confused. I know that every manufacturer has good and bad points but.. Here is what I need/want :) -

extra large capacity-king size bedding

stainless steal drum

gentle on clothes

reliable ***



internal water heater

I was leaning towards Samsung but now I don't know because I have seen so many conflicting posts. I can't afford a Miele so do you have any suggestions on which way to go. I am not married to the idea of a matching set but would prefer the same manuf. for both. Do you have opinion on the Bosch?


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We purchased the Samsungs after researching alot. We have not used them yet so no hands on experience but will soon as our move-in date is the 30th. I do know the GE front loads we had last were horrible.

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thanks xc60! I hope you have great luck with them.
I think that since my dryer is the only thing broken right now I will replace only that for the time and add a washer a little later...hopefully the Miele.
Dryer suggestions welcome! We are thinking the Smasung DV350AEW or Bosch Vision 500 series. I have read great things about the Bosch 500 but not the 800 series. Does anyone have experience and/or opinion of these models

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I too researched for literally MONTHS before taking the plunge.

The Bosch Vision was in my initial consideration but I personally ruled them out as I felt the build quality was lacking. Buttons and material used felt cheaper than others.

The difference between the 500 and the 800 is pretty minimal. There is slightly more difference in the washer that the dryer. It is mostly cosmetic as the 800 has a steel door ring while the 500 has a chrome one. Also some buttons/knob are slightly better materials on the 800. I believe the 800 has a few more custom settings as well. 5 options on the 800 and 3 on the 500 (see attached link for side by side comparison).

Also, Bosch is exiting the 27" laundry category at the end of the year. That would concern me a little because how long will parts be available for servicing? It's not like they are producing a difference 27" model - none at all.

I did purchase the Miele (W4842/T9822) and am VERY pleased with them. I also received a free 10 year warranty with them both so that was one thing that pushed me to get them over my second choice.

The Miele are not the largest capacity. There are larger out there. You will fit king sheets no problem but comforters or mattress pads will depend on how thick they are. I barely fit a double/full size water proof one I just received from Lands End for my youngest sons bed (it was a very tight squeeze). For most everyday laundry it's big enough (my house has 2 adults and 2 small boys).

I decided to forgo largest capacity for, what I hoped would be, best cleaning performance. I can't say if it's best because I only have my previous 10 year old Frigidaire to compare but it definitely cleans better than that one did. It also rinses MUCH better.

My sales guy is a big Miele fan. His store sells more Miele than anyone else in Canada. He has even been to Germany to see manufacturing first hand. He loves the brand because he says, "no one else builds them like Miele". He said the best thing about Miele is what you can't see (what's "under the hood" as they say). FWIW, his second choice is Samsung but they don't make a gas dryer in Canada so no go for me. LG would be next. He was not a fan of Whirlpoo/Maytag and he definitely did not like Bosch anymore.

My second runner up would have been the LG WM3885. It's not available in Canada yet but I would also consider the WM3660. LG was the only other brand I felt looked and felt well built. It also gets (mostly) great reviews. If you search hard enough you will even find negative reviews for the "worshipped" Miele.

FWIW, LG is the market share leader in front load laundry in the U.S. for four years (16 quarters) running (2010 Stevenson TraQline data). LG is the most reliable brand in front load laundry in the U.S., according to a leading consumer magazine.

If LG sells more units than anyone else, it is common sense that you will hear more bad stories because there are WAY more units out there that could fail.

There will always be lemons (even Miele). I read somewhere that there is a 5% failure rate for any appliance. Pick the appliance that best suits your needs and cross your fingers re: reliability.

I also read somewhere that your washer/dryer are one of the most reliable appliances in your home.

What a looooong post. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Vision 800 vs 500

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Whatever brand dryer you buy, just make sure it matches the capacity of the washer. Dryer have not really changed all that much over the years like washers have. so you can actually go with a high end washer, and get a lower cost dryer. As long as it has a moisture sensor in it, your good to go. The rest is just frills, fun and money.

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Thanks for all of your suggestions and help! It was invaluable in assisting with my choices so I can't thank you enough. This forum and entire site is awesome!

I ended up purchasing the Samsung DV448AE, extra large steam dryer. After reading your post livebetter, and all of the other posts comparing different w & d's I decided this was a good option for me and my fam. Hopefully I won't have any regrets.

For anyone living in Eastern MA. I bought my dryer (holding off on washer for now-my old one is still working!) from the Sears Outlet in Fall River and got an amazing deal for a brand new (in box) for $1,050!That includes delivery, tax, removal of old dryer and 3 year extended warranty. Delivery on Wed.

Can't wait to get back to doing laundry at home! I never missed my dryer so much!


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jrzygrl, congrats! I hope it all works out well for you. My cousins have a Samsung pair and really like them. I never looked at them closely since a gas dryer is not an option with them here in Canada.

Please post back after you get it and let us know what you think.

I read some comments from users who complained that clothes still felt damp when dried on normal setting. Miele also does that. It is much kinder to fabrics not to over dry them. If you end up noticing that, you'll understand why it is that way. I believe there will be an extra dry setting if you want things bone dry.

FWIW, this dryer scores very well on the Consumer Reports ratings (77 compared with top score LG at 83 [out of 100]).

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