Tips needed on butter poaching lobster tails..

calilooMay 14, 2012

We had planned on grilling the 6 lobster tails yesterday, but were just to tired after all the Mothers Day activities. So here I sit with 6 gorgeous tails and it is raining :-\

Any tips on butter poaching them for me? Or should I jsut google it.....



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Don't know about butter poaching....I would dunk in a pot with about 3/4 inch of boiling white wine in the bottom.....steam them about 4 minutes, remove from the shells and finish in a pan with about 1/2 inch of simmering butter......and add the juice of a lemon or so.....depending on how big the tails are....
When tender, remove the lobster, strain the sauce and serve over the meat.
Drooling as I type this!!

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I decided to wing it... it was sublime! Sauteed 1/4 cup of minced shallot and a tbsp of fresh tarragon in 2 sticks of butter. Added a 1/2 cup of homemade shellfish stock (from the freezer) and put the partially split tails in cut side down. After a few min, I flipped them and added a little chives and spooned the hot butter over the cut sides until the tail meat was just barely done.

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They look sublime! How did you use the butter? I can imagine thin baguette slices dipped in it.

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Perfect recipe, perfectly done lobster tails.

With a bottle of wine, it would make a perfect meal.


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OMG....that looks so good! I love lobster but rarely have it. The best I ever had was a restaurant in Maine that you recommended Alexa. The name escapes me ....but it was in that wonderful town whose name is totally unpronounceable . Starts with an O, the one with the ocean side walk.

Hope to go back this Fall.....heaven on earth.

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When I was a working Chef I would cut the tails down the back of the tail. Then pull the meat thru the cut in tail to the top, leaving very tip attached. Brush with melted butter and season, cook in hot oven 400-450 for 10-11 min. depending on tail size. This is a nice presentation. Patty

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