Happy to be Home with My Miele Again :)

enduringMarch 7, 2014

I was at DS's home for the week. I went spelunking in their stacked Electrolux W/D set. It was overwhelming! They are so big. I was mentally fatigued reaching in and moving my small loads around. I am 5'7", so no shorty. I hated the whole thing. Though they did seem to clean our clothes;)

I am so happy with my intimately sized Miele W/D.

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Did you have a question or do you think this site is for your your personal blogging?

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I believe I have the same exact W/D as you and I love them! I like your cabinetry. Great set up.

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Thanks covigtoncat. I really appreciate the scale of the Miele set so I thought I would post this perspective as I have never run across this particular aspect on the forum. The discussion is usually load size and function.

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Lovely cabinetry, enduring. We're not in the market immediately for a new W/D, but I'm starting to get ideas for when it's time. It's good to hear what others like/dislike about their own setups. I'm wondering how big your capacity is?

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Thanks andreak100, I am progressing on the room. It is a bathroom with a corner for the laundry. Currently I am tiling the shower. The capacity of the Miele w3033 is 2.52 cubic feet.

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Thank you so much for posting this. It is exactly the set up I am trying to explain to my builder.

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Thanks Nightowlrn, (I'm a nurse too :) I have added a link to the thread I posted several months ago and there is more detail into the planning and design of this space. It is in my bathroom and I wanted the W/D relocated to the main floor.

I still have my old Maytag down the basement that is 26 years old and working like a champ so far. Only had to replace a belt last year. It still does duty as a machine for my DH farm clothes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sneak Peak Laundry Cabinets and Miele Set

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We're considering putting our Mieles in our master bath. Can you tell me what the noise levels are like?

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Thanks for sharing. I'm looking for a 2nd set to put in our basement bathroom for swimming suits, towels, etc. It won't be our main set up, but for occasional use. This might be the set to look into.

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