Carrier 'Comfort' High-Efficiency Gas Furnace 95%

morehelpkimAugust 11, 2010

I need to replace an old gas furnace. I have a few quotes and am getting very confused. First quote on the Carrier Comfort 95% Efficiency has 10 yr. parts warranty. Carrier offers a labor warranty as well.

What can you tell me about this furnace?

Another dealer (who quoted me a Carrier 3 stage/variable speed furnace) tells me this inexpensive furnace was developed just for the tax credit program. If this is true, does it mean it is inferior for a 1 stage/multi speed gas furnace?

Another comparable quote is on a Trane XR-95--what is your opinion on this furnace?

I need to make a decision this week, so any help you can give me is appreciated.

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I suggest you go to the Carrier Residential site and read up on this furnace. It is 95% eff sgl stg furnace with a conventional blower motor. I would say it is comparable to the XR95 Trane model. Warranty on heat exchanger is 20 yrs rather than lifetime which probably is not a big deal.

I personally would ask for an upgrade price to Carrier's Performance 95 mdl which is two stg and has a var speed blower motor.


Here is a link that might be useful: Carrier Gas Furnaces

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I can't use the Carrier Performance 95 because the furnace needs to be horizontal suspended off the joists in my basement. I also want to add the a/c. Can you suggest any other makes/models that would be comparable?

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of course I have not seen your particular application but Carrier's brochure clearly states this furnace can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications.

see link.


Here is a link that might be useful: Performance 95

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Thank you! One contractor told me it could not be used--he is out! I got a quote on the Performance 95 w/AC. Really there's not much difference in cost over the Comfort 95 after rebates.
The labor warranty is higher priced.
Please tell me why would you choose the 2 stg/var speed blower motor over the 1 stg? They have the same ratings for energy eff./quiet level/durability on the Carrier site.

I don't plan to live in this house more than 3-5 yrs.

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I would prefer a furnace with two stage heating and var speed blower. It will be quieter and less expensive in the heating season to operate. also the var speed blower would help you when and if you wanted to upgrade to a high eff outside AC condenser. The Performance 95 actually has a better warranty on heat exchanger.


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