Miele W4842 vs 4840

hawk59March 24, 2012

Hi all, we're closing in on purchasing a Miele w/d and would appreciate some input. We're trying to decide between the IntelliQ 200 vs 100 which i think are Canadian versions of the W4842 and W4840 respectively. The 200 has 19 programs instead of 10, the LED display and delayed timer and we're trying to determine whether these extra features are worthwhile. For those who have the W4842, how useful do you find the extra programs like dress shirts, jeans, outerwear etc. Do you use these often or just the basic settings like Normal? Has anyone actually washed a king down quilt in one and what were the results? One final question, did you opt for the pedestals or were the machines perfectly fine on the floor? Thanks for any input.

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Love the W4842. I use really use the Comforters Setting all the time, and the Beach Towels makes a great pre-rinse for sandy or dusty kid clothes...or beach towels :)

Also the Clean Machine Cycle offered on the W4842 is so great. The amount of water it uses is awesomely high!! Love it.

Count down timer is so nice to have as well. I would highly recommend spending the little bit extra, and getting the 'top of the line'. Then there are NEVER any regrets!!!

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Sorry...Yes, we got the pedestals. They make the height so great for putting laundry into the washer, and then transferring to the dryer. The pedestals also hold a lot, including a Miele canister vacuum...seriously. It's handy to have the vacuum in the laundry room, to do weekly vacuuming of the dryer lint cavity. Practical.

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Hi fellow Canadian! I got the W4842 last year (debated waiting for the IntelliQ but decided the few changes were not worth waiting for).

I am SO glad to have the display. As Larsi said, so nice to have the countdown display. It's nice to know how long a cycle will take. It is particularly useful when I'm using the delay timer as I know when to have the machine come on to have my laundry just finished when I get up ... my FAV feature. Get up - toss it in the dryer. This is excellent for cycles that take a long time - no waiting for it to finish.

I have the pedestals, my friend who has the W4840 does not. I like having mine elevated but hers do not bother me either. Miele seems to sit higher than most FL.

I often use the comforters setting and many other settings. Normal is the only setting where your new Miele will NOT use its internal heater. If you want to ensure a warm/very warm/hot/sanitary wash - choose another program.

The point (IMHO) of spending the money for the Miele is a) the build quality and hopefully longevity b) to use the various programs provided. I believe a lot of thought goes into them to treat your garments just so.

Anywho ... my two cents. Good luck - let us know what you get and how you like it. I LOVE my machines.

Larsi, just curious - do you get alerts when someone posts about Miele? You're always so quick to respond :)

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