Steam or no Steam?

krs9March 20, 2013

I have narrowed down my choice of a new washer and dryer to two LG models, the 2650 set or the 2250 set.
The basic diffderence seems to be that the 2650 set includes the steam option on both the washer and dryer whereas the 2250 does not.
Price difference is over $500.-; $C 1798 vs $C 1272.-.

I'm trying to determine if the benefits I get with steam justify that difference in price.
Seems to me steam with the dryer is more useful than steam on the washer. So I could possibly by the 2650 steam dryer and the 2250 regular washer if they look reasonably like a matched pair.

I would appreciate commenst from people who either own steam washers and dryers and can comment on their benefits or from those who have gone through that decision making process and decided one way or the other.

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dont waste your money. I have the steam W & D from Samsung. it's a gimmick.

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However, the steam washer does include an internal heater, which might come in handy now & then.

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