Replacing a Trane XL 1800 5-ton

ChristopherTAugust 20, 2014

The dual compressor on our 5-ton Trane XL 1800 installed in 2001 blew recently so we need to replace the whole unit. Honestly, we learned later that we got scammed by the builder and his A/C person, the builder was part-owner of the A/C company! We did not know a thing then being our first home ever. The 5-ton unit was totally overkill for an area about +/- 1500 sq. ft. Our house is an open concept design i.e. family, kitchen, breakfast all under one big area. The blown A/C covered a large front entry area, one bedroom, one bathroom, the kitchen. Yes, they put in a 5-ton unit for these areas! We were told now that we cannot go with a smaller, less tonnage unit due to the fact that the unit in the attic must match up with the unit outside. So we are looking at replacing with another 5-ton Trane which was quoted at $4,700 plus intallation or may be a Carrier, we were told that it is also good and more reasonably priced, for which we don't have a quote yet. We are looking for something reliable, high seer, variable speed. Any input or advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Dumb idea.

You need a properly sized system both outdoor condenser paired with a matching indoor air handler.

Look at Trane XR15 or XL15i, AmStd Heritage 15.


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@ tigerdunes

Thanks for the input. I do understand that both outdoor and indoor has to match up thus the reason why I am looking for another 5-ton outdoor condenser. I don't want to change the indoor air handler unless I absolutely have to do so because of additional expenses. Is it possible to keep the indoor air handler and go with a less tonnage outdoor condenser? Thanks tigerdunes.

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As I said, dumb idea.

Solving one problem and making another.

Get a complete matching system both indoor and outdoor units properly sized.

I am done here.

Good may need it...

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Your coil should be changed since you are going from an R22 to R410 refrigerant. The blower in the 5 ton air handler should be able to adjusted so the air speed can accommodate a 4 ton condenser.

You are going to have a mismatched system, so the SEER rating will be unknown.

The air handler will need to be replaced in the next 5-10 years. So you plan to still be in this house, change it now and start enjoying it.

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