Mexican VIVA detergent, anyone use it??

bookertMarch 10, 2010

I had a weak moment and bought yet another detergent to try. I so want to try Persil, but the cost factor is holding me back.

Anyway, I picked up some VIVA powdered detergent. It smells a lot like Ariel, but I'm hoping it's not as strong in the end result.

Does anyone have any experience using this?

The store also carried ABC, and another brand that had aloe vera, I can't remember the name. It was not manufactured by Henkel, but made in Guatamala.

One last choice was Roma, but it seemed to be bare bones.

They stopped carrying Ariel Bajaespuma so I was disappointed in that. Oh well.....

Thanks for the replies!

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Never had a chance to try Viva but I am using Roma in my LG fl and Ariel. I alternate in between, plus I have a mix of other detergents that I use too. Roma gives me the same results as Persil in hot water.Needs one extra rinsing. It produces very little suds. Ariel suds up more and needs lots to rinse out but all detergents wash well and don't cause me any trouble.I have a very hard water so maybe that could be a reason for not too many suds.
Persil is by far the best. It rinses very well but as I said, Roma is great alternative. I wash everything in 145 and up and I have great results w/mexican detergents.
Now I'm experimenting w/the new pump Method HE. It seems to work very well so far.
All detergents have strong scent but after the laundry is done it smells like new cloth. I am using extra rinses thou on everything and in my dryer I have the softener bar which is working great for me.

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Thanks, I recall you saying you like Roma. I have easy access to it, but after reading the ingredients thought VIVA had less filler if that makes any sense. Is there only one version of Roma?

What conclusion did you come to when using the other eco liquid detergent you tried awhile back? The name started with a "P" They carry it at my local Sam's club, but I have resisted buying it fearing it's just like the others. I already have and like Eco's so thought this may be similar.

Yes, I find Ariel is strong scented. I have some Bajaespuma left and have no need for a second rinse. I do use vinegar in the rinse cycle though.

Thanks for your input.

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The way I chose my detergents is on performance. We have really hard water so I use more of them to keep whites white and so that's partially reason why I use the extra rinses too. The other reason is my bf skin problem.
And sad to say, I like phosphates. Well it is b/c of the hard water.
From my experience, every detergent,even the strong scented ones will leave barely any scent in after I'm done rinsing.
And if you can remind me, I don't remember which "P" detergent you mean. Now I'm trying the new Method and like it but I will always use Roma and Persil for my whites.

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Ooohhh sorry! I went to Sam's to get the correct name of the detergent you used and it's called "Vaska".

Hope this helps!

What about Foca? Ever used it? It has the otter or sea lion on the front. Lastly ever used the ABC mexican detergent?

Thanks much, it's appreciated.

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"Foca" means "seal" in both spanish and italian.

Little difference : in italian it is just the animal, while in spanish "foca" also covers the "gasket" meaning

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Oh! thanks! Have you ever used the Foca?

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no .... cause i'm in europe.

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Yeah, I love Foca but it makes lots of suds in my FL so I don't use it.

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You never mentioned how you ended up liking or disliking the Vaska natural detergent. Yeah or neah?
Thanks for the heads up about the Foca and suds.

oh, my mistake, do you have many different brands to choose from as well? Are they pricey? Some of the mexican brand detergents are harder to find here and I'm only a few short hours from the Tijuana border. Prices are going up as well. Too bad!

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