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BillMazzAugust 12, 2011

2000sqft home, frame construction, 1950ish.

replacing both ac and furnace. in chicago.

AmStd Freedom95 2Stage,80000btu 3ton furnace AUH2B080A9V3VA,

AmStd Allegiance 15seer 2.5 ton AC (model 4A7A5030) and with 2.5ton AmStd coil (4TXTBA31EE3HDD).

quoted $6000. is that good/fair/bad?

am i ok on the sizes? i feel i'm going a little higher on quality/size, but willing to do so.

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Good pricing on excellent HVAC.

Some questions.

What size AC and furnace are you replacing?

That's a two stg var speed furnace quoted-same as Trane's XV 95 model. Plenty of firepower there. Perhaps you could even take the 60 K model size. 2 1/2 ton AC might be borderline. Any problems relating to AC cooling from existing system?

I always recommend new line set.

What thermostat was quoted? You need a good two stg like AmStd's 803 or identical equivalent mdl HW #8321.

What about whole house air filter cabinet? You should have one.

Had ductwork been inspected? Any hot/cold spots in your home?

Not clear if that is best coil selection and yes it does matter. Pls recheck that mdl number for accuracy.


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replacing an old Armstrong/Magic Chef system(1980ish). unfortunately all tags are gone, so im limited with the old data. assuming 100k furnace and 2-2.5ton ac unit.

im ok with the 80k vs 60k furnace. as for ac, it works hard to cool the house now, but its old so i figured it was due to age and inefficiency. contractor says 2.5ton is fine, 3ton might add too much humidity.

new line set, condensate pump, 12" base filter (custom), HW 8321 ts included. duct work is fine (did that myself when I tore half the house to the studs - another story...), no hot/cold spots.

Coil is AS 4TXCB031BC3HCA (2.5ton).

Anything I'm missing? Still good price on excellent system?

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I would pull the trigger on that system. Make sure it includes a new 2-stage thermostat to take advantage of the 2-stage furnace. It will make the furnace run more on the low speed.

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I think the biggest question you have before you is whether you need a 2 1/2 ton or 3 ton Allegiance 15 AC condenser. I don't want to be borderline for AC cooling.

I also strongly recommend a good 4-5" box filter cabinet-perhaps the HW mdl #200.


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Neohio-Ill make sure the tstat is 2stage. Good catch.
TigerD-I will bring up the 2.5-3.0ton before pulling the trigger. And about the box filter cabinet, he's making a custom 12" base, and the filter will be part of it. So I believe that's covered, but will double-check.

One final time: $6k is good-fair-bad???
Many thanks to both of you.

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Quit fretting over price. You are fine.

As fas the stat, the HW mdl #8321 is a good two stg stat and is identical to Trane/AmStd 803. HW makes the Trane stats. Most are just rebranded.

I would follow up with dealer on 2 1/2 ton or 3 ton question. This bothers me.

Now to the filter. I don't understand this. Can you elaborate? I prefer a filter cabinet that fits the back side of the furnace like a glove fits a hand. First choice would the the Perfect Fit from Trane/AmStd , second choice and the least expensive of the two would the Honeywell Media Cabinet. This custom fit filter needs to be explained.


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I share the same concern with tiger over the size of the outdoor unit. A properly performed load calculation is the proper way to determine the capacity you need, but I hope your dealer realizes that the 4A7A5030E1 (presumably what you've been quoted), matched with the AUH2B080A9V3 furnace and 4TXCB031BC3 coil yields a capacity of just 27,200 btu's (2.5 tons is nominally 30,000). So you're short just based on the matchup. Moving up to the 3 ton 4A7A5036E1 with same furnace and 4TXCB036BC3 gives you 33,200 btu's. If 2.5 tons is what you need, I'd rather have an extra few thousand btu's than be short.

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Absolutely agree with Ryan.

I will check to see if dealer is giving you best coil selection.


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Ryan and TigerD, I went with the little extra and upgraded to 3ton outdoor unit and coil. The custom bottom base only raised the unit, and fit over the hole underneath (to the returns). I think they wanted the condensate pump below the unit? the air filter is indeed the Perfect Fit.

Contractor here today and done in 12hours. Everything looks terrific, is SO quiet (compared to the behemoth), and the house hasn't felt this nice (cool) in awhile.

Many thanks again, I appreciate the reviews and recommendations. BTW paid 6600 for all, and I have 350 in rebates and a tax deduction as well. THANK YOU.

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You have a heck of a nice system that should give you years of service.

And it sounds your installing dealer is a good one. I am glad you decided to go to the 3 ton Allegiance 15.

Can you tell me the mdl number of the evap coil they installed?

That filter will last up to one year before changeout. And changeout is quite easy.


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Evap coil: 4TXCB036BC3HCA

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3434680 Active Systems ALLEGIANCE 15 AMERICAN STANDARD, INC. 4A7A5036E1 � 4TXCB036BC3 *UH2B080A9V3 33200 12.00 14.50

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