does Self Rising Flour .. Rise ?

mikie_gwMay 13, 2012

Got some Chef Boyardee diy pizza mixes. Simple, add warm water to packet of flour, mix with fork.. make doe ball, coat lightly with oil. Cover let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.. it grows !!!

I put it in what I call brownie pans & put the sauce on top. Bake it... nice thick pan pizza's. Pretty good stuff!! for an easy meal.


Anyhow I ordered some self rising flour.. 6 x 2 pound packages. No real directions on them. Pre Sifted EzBake self rising flour. enriched.

I follow same procedure .. it doesn't rise, just sits there.. end result is a very chewy pizza crust..

Trying/keeping it simple for now to learn .. Ragu garlic/onion sauce with velveeda spicy melted after its done & magic crushed peppers. Tasty, but very chewy.

How do I use this self rising flour stuff.... in a simple way for an oven baked bread like, thick Sicilian type pizza crust ?

thank you

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(i can guess, all the women are laughing about now:)

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And the men too....

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Yeah,,,,,probably a few men too!
The "riser" in self rising flour needs moisture and heat to make it rise....
The Chef boyardee stuff contains yeast, which needs water, flour and perhaps a bit of sugar to rise....and the heat stops the rise.
Try mixing 2 cups of flour, you can use the self rising stuff if you have it, one envelope of yeast ( buy it where the flour is sold), 3/4 tsp of salt, 2 tsps of sugar and enough warm ( NOT HOT!!) water to make your "doe" ball....and then coat with oil etc etc.
Linda C

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Self-rising flour is pre-mixed with the leavener (baking powder) and salt. It's common in the South, Australia and the UK and is used here for things like biscuits and quick breads (think banana bread).

Self-rising flour works in these recipes when they're mixed up and heat is applied. In other words, unlike a yeast-based recipe, nothing much happens until it's in the oven.

It's not "authentic" pizza dough, and the flour is a bit softer, but there are quick handy recipes for pizza crust that do call for self-rising flour.

Check out the link below. (There's also a crust with beer in it.)


Here is a link that might be useful: How to Make Pizza Dough with Self-Rising Flour

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I used to have a recipe for a copycat of Pizza Hut's pan pizza. Seems to me it was basically club soda and self rising flour. I played with it adding seasonings to the flour and eventually substituted beer for the club soda. (Who keeps club soda around? But there's ALWAYS beer.) I wonder where I put the recipe. And all I can remember about their sauce recipe was that it had grape jelly in it.

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I'm pretty sure Pizza Hut uses a yeast dough.

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