Replace furnace while doing AC and coil?

JustaKidAugust 15, 2011

So I am going ahead and replacing a condenser and a coil, and my furnace is about 20 years old but still working fine. Should I bite the bullet and do the furnace as well, or save a few grand and hold off on doing the furnace until I have to? I have posted before, this property is a rental likely to be sold within a few years. Will I get hit on home inspection bc of a 25 year old furnace and should I just go ahead and do it now? Will a furnace put in well today basically still be new in 5 years? Is there labor cost synergy substantial enough to merit me paying that money out now? Thanks

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first it would be best for you and forum members to keep all your posts in the original thread rather than multiple threads.

one can have simple repairs to a furnace this age. the major problems would be a cracked heat exchanger and a blown blower motor. this would make a repair to a furnace this age not cost effective.

I prefer a matched system. you are btm fishing since this is a rental unit. I don't care for either the Lennox or Rheem furnace quoted. You could do better but I understand the choice since it is rental. If money is not an issue, then I would go on and replace the furnace due to its age and just be done with it. You do want to properly weigh all warranty differences.

You will get a better overall price now replacing everything now rather than wait and replace an old furnace at a later date. There is little to no value on old furnaces whether one yr old or five yr old. If your existing furnace was 10 yrs old or less with a problem free history, I would not replace it. A 20+ yr old furnace is an entirely different matter.

make certain you qualify the dealers providing quotes.


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Thanks again tiger, will keep posts consolidated. You dont like the furnaces for what reasons, realiability, efficiency, what? The Lennox dealer, although I am not thrilled with the brand, came highly recommended and has the service contract for the common area HVAC system and has done several of the neighbors units. I have checked his references and BBB. Are these warranties usually transferrable? Thanks

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