Beckett electrodes

tommyboy052August 29, 2012

I just cleaned out my furnace and replaced the burner nozzle. I have a Beckett AFG oil burner. I noticed that the electrodes do not look set right for the following reasons:

  1. The electrodes are set far apart

  2. The electrodes are not set at same distance away from the

nozzle, one electrodes looks to be in the normal place and

the other is set further out.

  1. The electrode that is set further out is actually touching the air

turbulator piece a little before the bend in the electrode.

Now, this did not look right to me and I have viewed a few utube and instuctions on the subject. One utube person said to make sure the electrode does not touch this air turbulator or it will not ignite and could short.

This setup is securely mounted and is not loose, does not move at all, so this is the way it has been for over 4 years with no problems. I left it the way it was since it has been that way for so long with no problems. This was original set up by a professional technician. I put it all back together and it works fine, fired up just as it has for years. I came here to ask for advice. Should I leave it alone or take it out again and set it the way most of the ones that I have seen. Thanks in advance.

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My copy of "Domestic and Commercial Oil burners" by Charles H. Burkhardt is the 1969 edition. It does not show any distinctions for electrode settings based on the burner manufacturer. Things may have changed since 1969. Used copies of this book can be found online at bargain prices.
I use a setting gauge, a simple plastic jig that is placed over the nozzle with a part to hold the gap between the electrodes. Remove the gauge after setting the gap!!!
The correct setting does depend on nozzle angle and flow rate.
The setting you describe does not correspond to any specifications I have ever seen. I have no reason at all to believe that it is correct. And the settings can change spontaneously due to thermal cycling.
My gauge looks different from this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gauge

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Beckett offers T500 and T501 gauges for some types of their burners. Spend some time doing Google searches.

Here is a link that might be useful: My gauge

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