Bosch Next 500 leaking from bottom

griz4March 6, 2007

I just got my Nexxt 500 delivered today from Lowe's. The delivery men set it in place in my basement, removed bolts but told my wife i woud have fully level(which i did when i got home). I ran the first cycle w/o clothes as manual says. Filled with water and was working fine while i was down there. I went upstairs and came back down after about 40 min to check as i wanted to see how the spin cycle was going, only to find a puddle of water on my basement floor! it was not coming from hose, i got on floor and looked under machine and water was pouring out from underneath machine. Needless to say i have a call placed into Lowe's to replace the machine. Still waiting for callback from the manager. Any ideas what could have caused this?

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I have seen damaged or defective detergent dispenser assemblies cause this problem, especially if the leaking is detected to originate on the left side of machine.

Another possibility...Sometimes the shipping bolts would shatter/break through the plastic outer tub assembly and water would exit the tub where the shipping bolts attach. Or, perhaps the door gasket has come loose, allowing water to make its way out of the machine...These are all possibilities until the machine is diagnosed.

I doubt if it was over use of detergent, as you are aware of front loader operation procedures...Good Luck!

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If the machine filled OK and only caused the puddle later then it is probably something in the draining system, such as a bad drain valve or broken drain line. - DR

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There is a catch basin behind the round cover on the lower right corner in front of the machine. If you push a toothpick into the hole, the tab will release and you can turn the cover a 1/4 turn and pop it out.

The catch basin has a round cap that can be tightened. Try to see if that cap is loose. Water may be escaping there.

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I have seen where the installer has removed the packing bolts then realized that the bolts shouldn't be removed before the unit is in the laundry room. So they reinstall the bolts without the spacers until they get the unit in its final destination then remove the bolts. The only problem is when they reinstalled the bolts they screwed them in too far and punched a hole in the outer tub. I've seen this a couple times and it may be the same on yours.

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i opened up the access panel and could not see any obvious problems underneath, the catch basin was snug. Lowes has since called me back and will be exchanging out this for another 500 but not til saturday. Chris Bsh -have you heard of this as a common problem or did i just get a washer assembled on a friday afternoon?

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I noticed Lowe's also sells the old standard design Frigidaire Front Loader; the model that is similar to your old Kenmore Front Loader. You may want to consider this as a replacement for the leaking Bosch model received.

Of course, it is a more simplified washer than the Bosch NEXXT and it doesn't make rocket science out of cleaning your laundry, but you know what they say: "The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know."

Here are the "original style" Frigidaire model numbers available at Lowe's:

With Rear Control, 16 wash cycles, model GLTR1670FS $543.59
With Front Control, 5 wash cycles, model FTF530FS $511.54

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This is actually the first time I have ever heard of this, and it is not common. I suspect this might have happened in transport somewhere rather than being bilt on a Friday afternoon. Every machine that rolls off our line is actually filled with water to ensure that it is NOT leaking.

What has been Lowe's response? Are they going to replace the machine for you? Have you tried calling and talking to us here at Bosch?

Plesae keep me updated on your progress as I would like to see that this gets resolved however is bets for you.


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well, i got my replacement 500 this afternoon. I am on my 3rd load(+ initial run w/o clothes) and no leaks! The delivery guys from Lowe's that were here today did tell me this is the 3rd one recently that has been returned due to leaking from the bottom. So don't know if it is a Bosch issue or Lowe's problem(putting holes in tub with packing bolts as noted in above posts). But in any case, this one is working. It is extremely quiet that is for sure. Mine is also in a basement on a cement pedestal so the vibration issue some complain about with FL's in living area is not an issue for me. Thanks to all those who have posted and helped out.

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"this is the 3rd one recently that has been returned due to leaking from the bottom"

I wonder if Lowe's keeps sending out the same leaky machine??


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