Any Asko Techs Around?

rococogurlMarch 31, 2012

If so, I'm wondering if you recognize the problem I'm having with my older 6021 washer.

Suddenly, it won't go into the spin cycle. It just cuts off after rinse.

I can manually then set spin and it works but otherwise it doesn't complete the cycle.

Oddly, this has always been the case on the Delicate and Hand Wool -- it would never complete those. Early on they replaced the controller board twice and also the machine.

It's been working fine on all the other settings since then.

Any ideas before I call for service or should I just keep using it this way until it cuts out? Wondering if I might need a new controller board.

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Sandy16,, All great resources for repair questions.

Do you have a copy of the service manual? That would be a good start. I have a 606 and a 6222. The manuals have been amazingly helpful in diagnosing problems and giving an idea as to how difficult it would be to fix. I can't give you any solutions but will tell you that Askos are very easy to work on.

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Will check those out, thanks Sandy. Yes, I consulted the manual and the only meaningful suggestion is to clean out the pin trap which appears to be the default solution for all troubleshooting issues.

Did so and indeed, there was a pin in there. That may have been the clinker and the Normal cycle now works normally.

However, the "heavy" cycle, which we use for towels still isn't draining on two tries.


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User manual or service manual? Two totally different manuals. The service manual will walk you through diagnostics. If you think there may be more blockage, pull out the drain pump. Things can get stuck in and around it. If you don't have the service manual try

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Only have user manual. Normal cycle working now. Unsure about heavy and normal plus. I'll take a look at the service manuals. Much obliged.

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