can I see pictures of kitchen cabinet crown molding

datura-07January 22, 2010

We are going to take the soffit down and I want to add some crown molding. Something different - not real fancy.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Here is the before crown picture:

And here is the after installing crown molding:

Nothing fancy but it does make a difference in the look.

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i too had soffits all around the kitchen and took them out along with two closet pantries. I extended the cabinets almost to the ceiling and used crown molding all the way up.

trying to load some pictures for you but there is no way for you know how?

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I feel in love with my dental crown molding.
This photo is old prior to painting the ceiling etc..,
but it give you an idea.

And more of my molding

These below are not mine but lovely and maybe these ideas
can help you too.
Art Traditional Style Kitchens

Banken sink corrected google image

St. Cecila classic

Tampa Kitchen Remodeling

Village Cabinets

Hampshire Kitchen Reno Garden Web 2

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I took the soffits down - good riddance - and have about 5" of crown molding on top of my cabinets. It does a great job of hiding the small unevenness of the ceiling.

Good luck with your remodel and enjoy your new kitchen.

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I wish I could post pictures of my crown moulding too, but I am still waiting for them to be installed. Boxerpups I love dentil too and that is what I picked. I am hoping it doesn't overwhelm my cabinets. Yours looks beautiful. It is so hard to pick out with just a little picture of the outline.

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At the time I purchased, I was told I could not choose another molding and so I am stuck with this molding. I would have picked the one posted above. This one seems dated.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks everyone. I love this site. Everyone is so helpful.

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Here's a closeup of mine:

Here's the design...a 3-piece crown that uses the middle "stock" piece to adjust for differences in ceiling height. The stock piece is cut-to-fit while the top & bottom pieces remain the same.

From the distance:

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mhan 101 - those are beautiful cabinets. Can I Ask what name brand they are? Also, your handles, where did you get them from . Those are what I'm looking for in our kitchen. Funny is your entrance looks like the layout of my kitchen, minus the island in the middle and window to the right. Its looks great!

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We took down the wall between the old kitchen and the family room. We also removed the soffits and the new cabinets go up to the ceiling. We wanted the molding around the new cabinets to tie in to the family room molding. DH bought the molding and stained it and the carpenter installed them. The crown/dental molding continues around the rest of the kitchen.

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Mine is similar to Buehl's with that stock piece. We took out a wall between the kitchen and dining room and the two rooms were totally different heights.

This is an old picture with our patio table, we have a new table now. From April 2009

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It will look wonderful. NO worries.
You can never go wrong with crown molding and
dental is just gorgeous.

Here are more pictures. I love molding and I know that
Datura-07 will be so happy to have it.

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Mine is very simple and very contemporary. It is three pieces: A bullnose walnut, a flat maple that was scribed to the ceiling, and a flat/rounded top piece.

For accuracy in reporting LOL, that fridge is GONE!! The new one is a seamless, totally built in Miele that we LOVE!

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Circus Peanut

Mine's the simplest on earth - a bullnose, flat board and piece of cove, intended to match the existing vintage moldings:

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Bixa525's kitchen layout is identical to ours. The cabinets are the same as well. Does anyone know how to do the molding he did on his cabinets? I have no idea how to do this and I am looking for direction.

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