Furnace trunkline frozen

pjmysticAugust 10, 2011

It cooled off quite a bit today so we turned off the air conditioner. I was in our upstairs bathroom a few hours later (single story ranch) and heard sound coming from the vent in the floor. I went downtairs and there's a noise coming from what seems to be the trunk coming out of the top of the furnace and the trunk itself is really cold with frost on it. I can't describe the noise but it sounds like something running in there.

Two weeks ago the motor on the outdoor unit went bad so I replaced it myself and everything has been working fine. Also, the filter looked pretty awful as I haven't replaced it in a couple of months.

Any idea what this sound might be and why the frost on the the trunkline coming up out of the furnace? Could an old filter cause this or possibly my motor change?


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Update: While in basement I realized that the cooling line had condensation all the way out to the outside wall and I could hear something running outside. I went outside and the outside unit is still running even though the air has been turned off for hours. It looks a little frozen out there as well.

I'm stumped. Turned off the breaker and will most likely be calling a technician tomorrow.

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