Persil laundry soap

matt.shaverMarch 18, 2011

My partner and i are taking delivery of our Meile washer and dryer at the end of the month. I would like to get Persil detergent but the information so so very minimal. Im getting both the universal and color formulas for various loads - whites towels and colors. But what is the difference between the powder and megapearls? I do not like liquid so that is out of the question.

I cant seem to get an answer to my question regarding differerences between powder and megapearls.

Thanks for any information.

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Unless you buy in Germany or Europe (or an online retailer that carries Euro products)...MegaPerls Color is what you will get in the USA. The Universal Powder (not MegaPerls) is not really colour safe (bleaching agent).

The MegaPerls Color and MegaPerls Universal are little round "beads", unlike fine regular powder soaps. You use less MegaPerls that regular powder.

My family sends me Persil Gold Powder for Colours from Germany. I personally DO NOT like any of the MegaPerls. They, to me, do not seem to clean and deodorize as well as the regular powders.

Have you tried the Persil Color Gel and Universal Gel? Why do you not like liquids. The Persil liquids (Gel) are the BEST. I greatly prefer Persil Color Gel and Persil Gold Gel over the powders!!!

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Congratulations on your new Miele washer and dryer! Chances are very good that you are going to love them.

I have a 1-year-old Euro-sized Miele washer and have found Persil Megaperls Color works *extremely* well on difficult laundry challenges -- we love to cook and use white or cream colored cloth dinner napkins, white dish towels. It also works beautifully on white handkerchiefs, white socks, etc.

I live in the US, and haven't used Persil Powdered detergent.

Persil smells great, but I've done some side-by side tests and have found that Tide HE gets everything as spotlessly clean as using Persil, for a lot less $$.

While I do love it, using Persil for everything is just too extravagant for me, especially when I get difficult laundry just as clean with less-expensive detergents in the Miele.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you like your new set.

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Oh how I love the classic smell of Tide he Powder detergent. EVERY time I try and use it, the stainless steel drum to my Miele is left white and powdery. Even trying extra rinses, hot water, warm water, with softener, no softener...Tide he powder leaves horrible residue. Our water is not soft, but not over hard. It is 8gr/gallon.

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Ive never used the mega pearls in the persil line. I too was wondering what the difference is in them. I do have to agree that the Tide HE comes really close in cleaning clothes against the persil. But I have taken something washed in tide, and then used persil on it, and it removed the stain more or completely. I know not every detergent or washer can removed every stain, and persil does hold the cleaning advantage. As far as the persil for colored clothes, I couldnt tell a difference in it VS using tide, so I didnt buy it anymore. Both persil products rinse out better than anything else I have ever used, I got to admit that one. So let your wallet by your guide Matt. My partner swears persil and tide make him itch, interesting though, if I wash his stuff in either of them and he dont know it, then he doesnt complain, but let him see it and we got a detergent war going on.

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I received my Miele pair in February and really LOVE them. I hope you have such a good experience too!

This is what I found on Henkel's site re: megaperls

1994 - Persil Megaperls Pearls instead of powder.
Another milestone in Persil's history: the development of a laundry detergent that offered even better washing performance, and with very much smaller doses of the product. For five years, Henkel researchers worked to develop a method that would allow such high concentrations of the active ingredients. The breakthrough was achieved with a completely new production technology - and a new generation of laundry detergents: Pearls instead of powder. 290 milliliters of classic powder could be replaced by 95 milliliters of the new laundry detergent.

Persil Megaperls - offered in a lightweight 1.6 kilogram pack with a window gave Henkel a substantial edge in innovation. Patent were filed across Europe for this new laundry detergent technology.

I personally find the scent of regular Persil products too much (or I just don't like the actual scent). I do, however, like the Persil Senitive options which have much milder scents.

I also use oxygen bleach with my white loads and they are always white and bright.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Persil - History

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Dear everyone...thanks for your recommendations. I have a couple more questions to anyone using Persil...does it come with a measuring cup? I know that's an odd question but one that needs to be asked. Also do the megaperls break down well? And last but not least, do you use less megaperls than powder? Just a couple more questions as I'm leaning with both white and color megaperls over the powder.

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Persil does not come with a measuring cup. Go to Bed & Bath, or Williams Sonoma or even Sur La Table and buy a measuring cup with ml. If you have a Miele authorized vacuum store nearby, they also usually have measuring cups with ml, so you can measure Persil Powder.

Liquid is easier...just use the cap, per the directions.

I find the MegaPerls did not break down that easily. I know there are a lot of people that love them, I am not one of them! really need to be open and try the Persil Color Gel (blue) and Universal Gel (green). It is superior to probably every other liquid detergent you have tried...and it has a great formula that prevents water hardness and Kalk (for the life of me, I cannot think of the English work..all I can think of is Entkalkungsformel :)

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My issue with liquid is that I've heard it does have build up on the outer tub of the machine and I do not want that to happen. Maybe I'm being overly protective or perhaps overly retentive with this decision but I do not want build up in the outer tub and that is the main reason why I've used powder and not gel. Plus the cost per load is more pricey than both megaperls and powder. The cost is truly secondary however...

Thoughts? Matthew :-)

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FWIW, I use Persil Universal Powder for all of my whites. I have gone through 1.5 boxes (and I love it). I got a light blue measuring cup in both boxes (35 load size). I have not tried the megaperls, but from the persil website, it looks like you do use less megaperls than powder (85 ml vs 135 ml for normally soiled, medium water hardness), although I generally use only around 100 ml of powder and it works just fine.

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I think liquid building up in the outer tub of the machine is from using "cheap" liquids and most of the reason is washing in cold or only warm. Front loaders need to be washed on hot and sanitize regularly. Our Miele tech said that they have seen caked powder too, from not using hot enough water once in a while and doing regular clean machine cycles.

Persil Gel does not build up, and it rinses better than any detergent I have ever used...powder or gel(liquid).

Also, in the Miele..the Express/Quick Cycle and Comforters cycle can only be done with liquid detergent (per Miele's instructions, not mine). I love liquid detergent. Most of my family in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland use liquid detergent (Persil, Dash and Ariel).

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I have been using the 3kg Persil powder but there is no cup with it, can anybody tell me how much powder in ml I need to use for a normal load in top-loader machine?

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