Opinions-Samsung washer WA422 and dryer DV422G

foodfiend_gardenerMarch 8, 2013

I'm having a very difficult time with this decision. After having had my Kenmore stacked w & d for 26 years, I am now being tossed into the whole new world of ultra-modern washers and dryers.

For the washer I want a top loader with a short agitator (or without, but the top load is a necessity). The dryer has to be gas.

I rarely use anything but one washer cycle and the "cotton"or "perm press" cycles on the dryer, so no bells and whistles needed here. I need a simple, yet reliable, machine and the Samsung appears to fit. Any opinions or suggestions?

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I have the WA456, which is the big brother to the WA422 and it is a great washer.

Its quiet, cleans clothing and saves on water.

Since we got ours, our water bill has gone down 12 bucks per month and we save alot of time because we wash more in each load.

The wash times are longer than a traditional washer, but when matched with the DV422 it will save time because of the sensor dry feature.

The washer will spin the wash and get alot of water out and then when you put the clothes in the dryer it will figure out exactly how much time will be required to dry the clothes. So if you set the machine for 1hr...the dryer will adjust the time automatically. We've watched it adjust a 1hr dry to just 30 mins and yes the clothes are dry! Again...saves time and electricity.

Anyway...hope this helps.

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Sure, but if the OP only ever uses Normal or Perm Press... why get a fancy washer like this?

I'd suggest the cheapest Speed Queen top loader and a Whirlpool/Maytag dryer with the pull-out filter on the top. Simple and reliable.


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Hi GregRod,

Is your WA456 washer still performing well? I am considering buying it and I'm wondering if your opinion is still positive.



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