Mud Room - Stackable W/D

slowdowntohurryupMarch 27, 2011

finishing up some house plans and have a mud room by the side entry (laundry on the opposite end of the house) - it is currently sized at 6x10 and have a question or two on it to anyone with these size of rooms. were going to have a regular W/D on the exterior wall and a closet and the other end of the room (give about a 4-5x6 area to do something else with (boot box) were thinking about putting a stackable W/D in there which would probably allow for a small sink and for a little more wiggle room.

any thoughts on the room and the stackables-- do they do ok with heavy stuff (jackets and such) this would be a true mud room and we looked at a set of stackables and inital impression was that they looked little.


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after about an hour or so of searching on this site - i found out that the front loaders can be stacked ---which would be better than a single unit which was what i was talking about any recommendations on those? keeping in mind these would be the second set to primarily wash heavy/dirty stuff - so fancy features are not needed.

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