Anyone have a Miele T800x and/or W3037?

shannonazMarch 3, 2014

So, we currently have a full size Miele set-T9802 and W4842. I am not totally thrilled with them but I don't see a much better alternative to the Miele. We are remodeling a house and guest house. My plan is to put the current set in the guest house and get a new one.

The T800x is retired and I will have to hunt one down if I decide to go that route.

Anyone have any thoughts about or experience with either of these machines? The dryer has one improvement over the older one that I have (the 20 minute timed cycle).

Thanks for any and all advice!

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I have 8005 and 3035. Very happy with the washer. Dryer (vented) gives a lot of control but is not the equal of the washer IMO though it's very good with delicates and has a convenient setting for my rotary iron. Haven't heard raves about many dryers.

In candor, I preferred the Bosch Axxis convection dryer action though it got everything much hotter. OTOH, the Axxis washer was nowhere near as good as the Miele.

There are other threads with additional comments.

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Thank you so much rococogurl. I called around and the vented dryer isn't I'm looking at the little giants. Not too excited about that dryer either...

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