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sarhaMarch 12, 2011

I have been lurking here for a few weeks, soaking up everyone's comments about washers and dryers.

We have 22 year old Kenmores have worked well for years but are soon going to need to be replaced. I'm leaning towards the Mieles based on all the positive comments here and also aft er doing a lot of research, but I have a few questions I hope people can help me with.

My laundry area is in the basement and it is set up with the sink to the left of the washer in the traditional position.

I know the Mieles hneed the washer on the right, and the salesman I spoke with said that it will be fine if they install an extra long hose to extend to the sink. Has anyone done that?

Also, My husband is concerned about the ease of getting parts and licensed repairmen if we have problems. The dealers in our area all say you have to call Miele and have them send out tech.

We live in New Jersey and Im wondering if anyone, also in NJ, knows how easy it is to get a holld of a licensed tech if we need one?

Thanks, Sarha

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Getting Miele Service in NJ will be NO problem. Miele USA is headquartered in NJ!! You're fine. The only times getting high end appliance service is is rural areas, and rural states (WY, MT, ND, etc...).

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Thanks for reassuring me Larsi. I'm hoping I won't have need for a repairman but I want to be sure they are available .

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sarha, my set up was sink to the left, then washer, then dryer (moving right) - "traditional".

I got my new Miele pair (W4842/T9822) in February and thought I would set them up as previous (so Miele doors would open to each other).

Miele installation guys were able to reverse them no problem. No need for extra long hoses as the connections that came with the machine were long enough. They needed to add a slightly longer vent on the dryer to run to the dryer vent to the right side behind the washer.

My plumbing is located in a "box" in my wall. Not sure how yours is set up. The installers told me when the washing machine is hooked up into cabinetry (tied to the sink) it's not usually possible to do this reverse thing.

Does any of this make sense?? Hard to describe in writing.

Either way, I am loving my new machines. I owned Frigidaire front loaders for 10 years prior to these and I can see a big difference in how the Miele's work.

Good luck!

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Livebetter, my washer is in the basement and drains directly into the utility sink. It is a very basic setup.
Do you thing they will be able to reverse them? Im not quite sure from your description?

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I think they should be able to reverse that easily.

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Thanks to everyone for all the help. I really appreciate your help.

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Since Larsi mentioned that Miele headquarters is is NJ, I decided to drive down and ask my questions directly.
I went to the showroom in Princeton and spoke to a helpful sales specialist.
She told me that there should be no problem installing my washer on the right as the American washers have a 5 ft hose for just that reason.
She also went over both washer and dryer and explained all the features and how to customize loads which was very helpful since the salesmen I've spoken with don't seem to really know much about the machines. I just hope I remember it all when the machines come.

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Great news Sarha! You will love Miele Laundry. The best, really!!

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