Miele Novotronic W 1918 Washer and Miele Novotronic T 1515 Dryer

merbellaMarch 18, 2013

This seems high? Any thoughts? And what would be reasonable?

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Did you mean to enter a price?

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Oops, yes. Asking price of $2000. Seems high to me and she is not very negotiable
If anyone knows where else to look (this is craigslist and I have also tried ebay), let me know.
Because I have miele currently and they are built in, other brands will not work :-(

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Prices of used Miele laundry machines are all over the place. People who know what they have ask high prices (but usually not *that* high, more like $1200 for the pair). But some people move into a house with Mieles in them and think it's some low-budget off-brand they've never heard of, and would rather have something made by GE or Whirlpool that was bigger, and put them on sale for cheap (the 240v power requirement for the washer is a dealbreaker for many would-be buyers too - hopefully they have the double-outlet breaker box that plugs into a US-standard 240v/30a dryer outlet and powers both machines which are each 240v/15a, but note there are two kinds, one with a 4-prong plug with seperate grounding and one with a 3-prong plug with combined neutral and ground. Being a pure 240v appliance with no 120v parts, I don't think they actually use the neutral wire even if present). I bought my Miele W1926 (4" deeper version of W1918) used in good condition for $200 if I recall correctly, and have seen them for $50, or a pair of that vintage (late '90s) for a few hundred.

Craigslist tends to be much cheaper for appliances than eBay, especially since the latter probably aren't located nearby. If you're near a large city and don't mind waiting, I'd pass at that price, but if you need them now or don't want an uncertain wait of undetermined length - if similar machines show up at all - you may want to consider them. In my area (near DC), reasonably priced used Miele sets show up on CL about every 3 months.

The W1918 and W1926 were their best washers IMO - very easy to use and to-the-point controls and a powerful internal 240 volt heater. They were dumbed down after that. I haven't used their dryers so can't speak to how good they are.

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