Brunch for 75

dreamhouse1May 6, 2013

I did it!

Eggs "Benedict" and "Eggs Florentine", roasted potatoes, fruit with ginger-mint syrup.

It can be done with a lot of organization, preparation and the right equipment.

My experimentation also yielded a useful recipe for Christmas morning.

If anyone is interested, I can post the particulars.

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Congratulations - that is quite an accomplishment! I don't want the particuclars - but I'm certain someone else will.

I bet your guest were amazed at that sort of breakfast for a crowd.


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Congratulations -- 75 is a large number to feed! And what a breakfast is was! Sounds yummy! Did you keep notes in case you have to do it again?


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I would love the particulars! I've cooked for that size before but can't imagine how I would do Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine! Please share!


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I agree, I'd also like to hear more about the particulars, like how you could serve Eggs Benedict to that many.

Wow, what a job.


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What a challenge! I stress for a month with only 45 guests.

Look forward to the details.

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So here's the secret.....

I served "eggs Benedict" and "eggs Florentine" version for 75. It's what you would expect: English muffin, Canadian Bacon, Hollandaise sauce, the egg, however, was not poached, but I baked them in muffin cups just until the whites turned opaque. I kept them in a cold water bath overnight until serving at which time I drained the cold water and replaced it with warm water. The combination of a warm toasted muffin, warm bacon and/or hot creamed spinach along with the hot hollandaise sauce warmed the eggs through without overcooking the yolk. With the exception of a few that may have overcooked in the oven, they were still runny at serving time.

Believe it or not, the potatoes were the biggest challenge! I made 45 pounds. Needless to say, my right arm and hand took a beating that day, but they were very good (people actually fought over the leftovers).

The fruit was mostly tropical (papaya, mango, kiwi, oranges and strawberries). I made a simple syrup with peeled fresh ginger and lime zest then tossed in the mint at serving time. It was very good and very refreshing (thank you Bobby Flay).

Here's the wonderful recipe that came of my experiments that I will for sure do at Christmas for the family crowd: eggs Florentine in a biscuit.

In a jumbo muffin tin (sprayed with Pam) place your biscuit and smoosh it up the sides (I used the flaky kind but I separated the layers and used only half a biscuit per cup), then make a creamed spinach (spinach, cream cheese and mozzarella, s&p) I made mine kind of thick. (Instead of spinach you could put Canadian bacon, bacon, etc). Smoosh that all over the biscuit....bottom and up sides, then crack an egg into the hole, s&p. At this point you can put it in the fridge overnight! Bake them the next morning, take them out of the muffin tin (they come out perfectly) and top with the hollandaise sauce.

I experimented with this idea quiet a bit, it was good and easy every time. I decided against it because of my cooking facility I would have had to do them in at least two batches the morning of and it seemed too stressful for 75. I would do this at home for my clan of 15 or so though.

I did have chafing dishes to keep my food warm also.

I served this with a cosmo punch that was rather tasty too :)

I must add that my 'experiment' recipe began with reading many other recipes on-line. It most certainly was not an original idea and though I'd like to give credit to the recipes, I read so many of varying ingredients and methods, I'm not sure who to credit. I hope I did not offend or mean to take credit for others recipes. I just thought someone here might like it if I shared it.

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Congratulations! Those are some great ideas. Your experimentation really paid off. I'm the main cook for our high school marching band (apx 100) and I am always experimenting on my family trying to find recipes that I can adapt for the band... I wanted to add âÂÂwith minimal effortâÂÂ, but that's not correct. You put a lot of effort into this - not only in the final hour, but in all the experimentation you did to get there! But! You successfully figured it out and pulled it off. I don't know about you, but I always love being on âÂÂthisâ side of those events - its over and it went very well! Congratulations again!

Thank you for sharing DreamHouse!

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So how did you toast or warm all those English Muffins? In the oven on sheet pans or did you toast them all and then rewarm?


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Thank you, Jeri. I'm sure cooking for 100 teenagers on an ongoing basis is much more work. I, fortunately, did not have dietary requests and/or requirements. This was a one-time thing for an event at church. It was given by church to any who wished to stay and join us after the confirmation service, so even though I had two of the 75 that required some basic altering of the menu (one no gluten, one with an allergy to oranges) I did not have strict requirements to work with. And, yes! I am so glad to be on 'this' side of it....phew....!

Yes, I did toast the muffins the night before and kept them in air-tight bags. The morning of I reheated them on sheet pans in the oven before assembling the rest of the way.

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dreamhouse that's the only way I could think of to have warm muffins for 75, but I thought maybe I was just missing a great technique!

What a job, I'm glad it went well. Now I'm going to have to try poaching eggs and holding them, then rewarming. You never know when I have overnight visitors and even if it were a dozen instead of 75, it would be nice to do in advance.


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Annie, I have also poached eggs and kept them overnight, although it has been many years ago. It worked perfectly. (I think Giada's recipe says to put them in warm water for 30 seconds). I also took mine out of the fridge and drained the cold water and let them sit out while I prepped the muffins, just to take the chill off, before adding the warm water at the last minute. Since there were so many in the pans, I left them then longer than 30 seconds as they chilled the water faster than just a few eggs would have.

I'm not one to poach eggs often as I am one of those that finds it stressful. I do have an egg 'poacher' as they are called, which are really egg 'steamers' that I have used before.

The idea of poaching so many eggs sent me into panic attacks LOL, which is why I settled on the baking. What I really liked about the baking was that they were all uniform in size and shape which made for a nice presentation. I must add that baking them gives you a more 'solidified' egg white than truly poaching does. This was something I was willing to give up. We had a special guest that morning and I really didn't want to go the egg casserole route.

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Thinking of making eggs this way and then freezing them for a camping trip to make Egg-McMuffin style sandwiches. We usually make breakfast sandwiches, but I'm thinking that having the eggs precooked might make things easier. There will be 12 of us and trying to cook eggs, toast muffins, heat bacon, etc. all at once for that many is a bit unwieldy.

I could freeze them for travel, let them thaw the night before use, and place them in hot water/warm water for service? Maybe even follow your lead and pre-toast the muffins before leaving, wrap well in foil, freeze for the journey and re-heat over the morning fire. That will leave the griddle open for cooking the meat and we can all eat at the same time.

I can also use this method to make 100 Mickey D's, individually wrap in foil, then reheat the next morning for a grab-n-go breakfast for the band!

Thanks again for sharing DreamHouse!


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Dreamhouse, thank you for sharing the details. This is a cooking forum after all and the more particulars the better.

I don't see myself cooking for 75 any time coming up, but as Annie mentioned this i would be a great option when having overnight guests, or on holidays, like Christmas morning , when so much else is going on. This would certainly simplify breakfast.


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Sounds awesome and love that you offered the 2 versions of eggs.

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Thank you so much for the descriptions of how you handled that crowd. I do a lot of entertaining and would love to be able to put together a brunch that includes poached eggs without a lot of hassle, I think you have the perfect solution!

Great advice here - and 45 lbs of potatoes? My torn rotator cuff is screaming in sympathy!


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