help! Miele 4840 alarm!!

daw21838March 31, 2012

This has now happened for a third time...... After a cycle has almost finished - spin cycle not complete the screen says "end". Upon opening door the alarm sounds and the message reads "waterproof system activated". The first time, a few days had passed before we got tech support on the line. They suggested checking the soap. A week had passed and my husband emptied the front drain and we were back in business. It happened a second time and I had switched to a hypo allergenic soap due to skin irritation. I painstakingly did not buy the HE type and I got the error. Again we waited about a week -dried it out,drained it and continued with the correct soap - the delicate Miele brand I got as a gift. Now I am thinking I shouldn't bother with domestic brands and just invest in persil soap. 3 loads in and we have an alarm again! I give up..... But I love my miele FL! Help- has anyone else gone through this?

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The link below is for a Miele UK manual that explains the waterproof system. I don't see what detergent has to do with it.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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*(see note)

Once, when we had a Miele Tech service our W 4840, he stated that using detergents that fill the entire drum with suds will cause the drum to overflow and fill the bottom pan of the washer. Sitting in that pan is the float switch that will stop the cycle and run the drain pump to evacuate the pan. You are likely using the wrong detergents and too much detergent. Below are excerpts from the service manual:

2 Function

2.1 Float switch (B8)
A float switch (B8) is located in the sump of the appliance housing. If water leaks into the sump, float switch (B8) is activated. The program and with it the water intake are stopped, and the fault message Waterproof is issued.

3.8 Display indicates: Waterproof, shut off faucet

In the operating mode, the display shows: Waterproof reaction.
The LED âÂÂcheck water intakeâ and the LED âÂÂcheck water drainâ flashes rapidly. The program is stopped, the water intake valve is closed, and the drain pump is switched on for 120 seconds.
Waterproof system (WPS), refer to 040 2.1 Float switch (B8).

The appliance has a leak, there is water in the sump pan, and the float switch (B8) has responded.

⢠Shut off the water faucet.
⢠Remove the water from the sump/drain pan.
⢠Locate the leak and fix it.

*Illustration is the property of Miele.

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"I painstakingly did not buy the HE type and I got the error. "

I am confused as to why you went to great pains to not buy an HE type detergent for a HE FL washer. This may be the cause of your problems.

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Your machine IS an "HE" type machine so you SHOULD buy "HE" detergent.

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Sorry for confusion - spell check can sometimes over do it! I meant to say mistaking-ly (I guess that's not the correct word). The service tech is scheduled to come next week.... Grrrrrrrr! Will let you know the outcome.

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Got it. Well, if you mistakenly bought non-HE detergent and are using it in an HE machine, that is probably what is causing the problem.

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This sounds like a classic example of Miele blaming the consumer. To the OP, please DO NOT at any time tell Miele you used a non-HE detergent - they may use that admission to deny you warranty service. If you already told them, and they bring it up again, tell them they misunderstood or that you misspoke. The Waterproof system has to do with water leaking into the sump, and that has NOTHING to do with the type of detergent used. Absolutely nothing.

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Service is coming next Wednesday.....thanks for the heads up about the problem - hopefully issue can be quickly fixed as I miss my FL!

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OK, the service tech was here today and the problem was a tear in the door seal. He just replaced it and we are back in business! So happy - I am just hoping this is it......

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Wow.... I'm glad you got it looked at and fixed. Sounds like one of those one-in-a-million type things.

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