elastic on fitted sheet shot

peonyfanMarch 13, 2012

How long should the elastic on a fitted sheet last and could oxyclean have prematurely ruined my sheet? I have some nice sheets that I got maybe four years ago, but the elastic has no stretchiness. I think I used some oxyclean on them and I wonder if this might have caused the problem. I have other sheets that have been in a similar rotation for more years, but I don't think I've used oxyclean on the other sheets, and I think they are lasting longer. Or maybe it was not great quality elastic. I would like to know because if it is the oxyclean I would buy sheets from the same company again, otherwise not. Thanks.

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Not sure about the oxy. I have had some that would last for years, in fact out last the sheets. Then had one set that within a year the elastic was shot. I think sometimes the elastic is just bad. I just bought some new elastic and sewed around the sheet. Worked great and it is still good. No use throwing away a good sheet when you can put in new elastic.

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Do you wash them in hot water for long cycles? That will ruin elastic eventually. Elastic quality varies - some of your sheets may have better elastic to begin with. I know the quality of elastic in women's undergarments has certainly gone down.

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Elastic can be easily replaced; I do it whenever needed.

I never use Oxyclean so it can't be that. I don't machine dry my sheets, so it's not that, but I do wash them in pretty hot water which is what I believe has damaged the elastic. But since I like washing my sheets in hot water, I'm resigned. The only downside to replacing it is that the elastic available from most sewing stores has even less staying power than the original, so I wind up repeating the process down the road.

If you have other sheets from the same manufacturer that haven't stretched, I would chalk it up to a bad batch of elastic.



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I haven't had that problem with sheets but have with pajama botttoms. I don't believe it is oxyclean or temperaure becaue my briefs have elastic and they get washed with a lot of it on the sanitize setting and I have no problems. The pajamas did not get hot water or oxyclean and I have several pair of the same line and brand and they have been fine. I just think the rubber used was somehow defective from the start. One consolation is that if you have a sewing machine the elastic is available at all fabric stores for very little and is not too hard to attach.

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