Waterfurnace 7 variable speed geothermal... Thoughts?

Momto3kiddosJuly 11, 2012

One of the guys we got a geothermal quote from for our new build called today to let me know that there is a new waterfurnace system availab.e. it is variable speed instead of the usual 2 stage. The eer and cop values are above other geothermal heat pumps availab.e. his price for a 5 ton unit is coming in the same as other quotes for 2-3 ton 2 stage systems.

I would love any feedback you guys may have about this new unit or the waterfurnace brand in general.


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I'd go for it.

Since this is the 1st generation variable speed compressor from Waterfurnace, I would strongly consider an extended warranty as you wouldn't want to be left holding the bag if it turns out there were design flaws!


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