How much space behind washer needed for Floodchek hoses?

rogerv_gwMarch 20, 2014

If you're using the Floodchek washing machine hoses, I'm wondering how many inches between the back of your washing machine and the wall are required to accommodate these hoses? The hot and cold connectors on the back of my washing machine are pretty much flush with the back.

My current rubber hoses have 90 degree elbows on them to deal with this. I know that Floodchek has the 45 degree "goosenecks", which I would need to use. Just checking how much space is required behind my washer for using these hoses.

Thanks very much.

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I've used flood-cheks on three installations: two TL's and one FL. All installations had goose-neck 45 fittings. (I would not install washer hoses anywhere without them. They relieve stress at connection as well as saving machine-wall spacing.)

My installs all had in-the-wall water supply and drainage fittings with the water-supply openings flush with the wall. The drain-hose from the machines to the wall-drain required a bigger gap than the the hoses so supply-hose space didn't even have to be considered. The machine-to-wall gap required to accommodate that drain-hose loop is about 4".

If your drain-hose goes to a sink and doesn't take that kind of space behind your machine, 3" will still leave enough "jiggle-room" for the flood-check hoses to dangle freely. (assuming you use 90-elbows or 45-goosenecks.) If your supply-spigots protrude from your wall, you may have to allow more.

If you have opportunity of recessing your supply connection points further into the wall, maybe you can close the gap further. The hoses themselves are about 7/8" OD along the length. About 1 1/4" at the fitting-ends.

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