Help with this utility sink

brianrootMarch 15, 2014

What can I do to restore or clean up this utility sink?
I thought it was soapstone but it appears to be metal.
Should I paint it? Sand it? Or use a cleaner?
I attempted to sand a bit but I think it would be too extensive.
Any help is appreciated.

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Is it cast iron?

Read the back of the rust-o-leum bath/tub painting kit at your hardware store and see if it can be used on metals. If you follow directions to a t, it works well. I did my fiberglass tub/shower, and it has held up very well and it's easy to do.

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Judging from the lightness of the stand, I'm thinking likely not iron. Got a magnet?

In any event to do it right will be project involving disconnection of everything attached, refinish and reinstall IMHO.

If it's in a conspicuous location and needs to look really good, you might consider contacting one of those bathtub refinishers. They use durable materials and are accustomed to refinishing on-site. Still can't imagine doing it right without removal of fixtures and moving away from the wall.

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If it's metal you will need to buy some metal cleaner and a buffer wheel. You will have to clean it down to the original metal. The top metal section looks like the metal has rusted. So you would have to sand, clean that area with a some kind of wheel that has the ability to remove rust. After getting it clean, you will need to protect the finish. Sharkhide is a product used on aluminum boats to protect them from salt. It holds up well to scrubbing. Last time I purchased a quart it was over $75.

Seriously you can buy a new double utility sink, floor mount for $220. I would just replace.

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utility sink
I am quite sure this is a precast concrete laundry sink-the metal top flange is there to prevent chipping of the top edges. To improve the look I would degrease/clean it with a strong solution of Trisodium Phosphate-hardware or paint store-in hot water and then rinse well and let dry for a few days. Coat with either an acrylic sundeck coating or maybe the bathtub refinishing paint,as mentioned in previous post, I think Klenk's is one brand, provided it can adhere to concrete.Replacement involves several strong friends to remove it or a heavy sledge hammer, with your time, noise and dust to smash it into manageable pieces for you to carry it out-that is what I did a few years ago with my double tub, wear safety goggles please.You can guess why I advise that. If we did not HAVE TO go down to a single tub I would have done the repaint.

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I had one of these. It's cast concrete with a metal edge. You can get epoxy paint for them. It will last for a number of years before it looks worn. I did that with mine and then when the finish started to look bad again, I broke it apart in the basement and replaced it with a two tub fiberglass model. I'm very happy with it and wish I had replaced it originally instead of painting it. They are around $150. Granted it is more noisy when the water hits it, but it's much easier to keep clean and easy to move away from the wall because it's so light.

I don't know if the concrete ones are still made. Of course, if you want to spend money, you can get it in vitreous china, porcelainized cast iron or stainless steel. Don't know if these materials are available in double bowls though. A neighbor has one made from vitreous china that is original to the house (we're in a 1950's tract development). All other neighbors I spoke with in the neighborhood either have the heavily stained, original concrete sink or have replaced it with fiberglass as I did. The original owner of that one house must have upgraded.

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