In search of a right hinged washer with a left vented dryer

therivieraMarch 31, 2013

We are building a new home and we are almost done. We just sold our house and the new owners want our w/d. In doing the research for a new w/d set we realized that our plumber messed up the vent/gas lines when we had to switch walls.

Anyways, in order to have the w/d flush against the wall, we need the dryer to go on the left, washer on the right. I know we can accomplish that with Electrolux and the European brands. The trouble is that we also need the vent to be on the left. I saw that Miele has that but it looks like it's no longer available in the US? Anyways, does anyone know a good option for us? Your help is greatly appreciated it.

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If you haven't moved in yet, there's no better time than now to open up the wall and fix the vent and gas line. It's normally not a difficult repair. Why commit yourself to a lifetime of limited washer/dryer options?

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Thanks, we are considering that. However, the drain is on the right (2nd floor laundry) and that will be much more difficult to move. I forgot to mention that in our first post.

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What fahrehnheit said....Miele is your answer!! And a great answer, at that!! :))

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thanks all - for some reason i thought that it was discontinued in the US. i'll check out pacific sales this week.

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What about the drain? Drain hoses are long enough to reach from the wash behind the dryer.

Only the large Mieles were discontinued - the smaller ones are still there.

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Yep, agree with others above that Miele will be perfect for that setup. I have had the current W3033 washer since November. Awesome machine despite a few imperfections/quirks. Have not got the dryer, but by all accounts it also is an excellent unit. Good luck!

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Sherrie Moore

I have the Electrolux IQ touch front loader. The doors can be reversed. I too needed a washer with a right hinge and a dryer with a left hinge.

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