eco washer

linus2003March 22, 2014

Have seen a product called eco washer on youtube and on their website:
The product looks like the purewash och laundrypure products, those have been talked about here, not much thogh.
Seeing this thing and the different videos on youtube on this thing and the others it makes me think. If the claims are true it would be a winner not needing to buy detergents, fabricsoftners and other laundrystuff.
What do all of you think, is there any that has this or has the others?
all the best//BR

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Other than being new and therefore controversial, I see nothing.
Found a few reviews from Amazon site selling competing device.

Noted in particular from their ProPlus model (believe I got that right) promoted for hard-water locations that they include a water-conditioning module a la EasyWater which, by itself, adds to the controversy. EasyWater and similar water treatment "systems" have been objects of dispute here for years.

Notice in their PDF that they mention "Ozone odor" which cause me to believe ozone generation is less than contained. Many people would have opinions about that, I suspect. Ozone is noted for being bad news for some materials it comes in contact perhaps other components in the washing machine. For example, I notice they include their own outbound-to-machine hose. I suspect that's made of ozone-resistant material...but don't really know. Not interested enough to call them.

I suspect you'll be on your own with this. However, if you choose to spend the 300-plus and take their 30-day trial, I would be interested in hearing your feedback.

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Deleted unintended duplicate post. One of these days I'll figure out how to delete entirely. Duh.

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