E20 code on Frigidaire washer-should I worry?

kclvMarch 3, 2011

Hi everyone.

I have a 5 year old Frigidaire front loader, model # LTF 2940 ES1.

Never had an ounce of trouble with it, but yesterday and today, while washing a load of sheets, I got the E20 code- water won't drain. I hit cancel, put it on the rinse & spin cycle, and everything was fine.

I did some other loads, and had no problems- it seems to be the sheets, or maybe the bulky cycle I use to wash them.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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This is the same problem that I had with mine. This is the same washer and everything. I love mine, but please get someone to check the drain pump on your washer before you use it again. It turned out that there was a small hair clip that got stuck in my drain pump. It cost me about $100 for the drain pump. If I had checked the pump when the code came on instead of waiting a week, I probably would not have had to replace the pump. I would have simply had to remove the clip. It is something that my husband had no trouble fixing, but it was inconvenient to deal without a washer until it was fixed.

BTW, if you decide to fix it yourself please, please, please be careful of the sharp edges on the back of machine. My husband cut his arm pretty badly because they are really sharp. It is possible that what ever was blocking the pump has passed through, but it is worth having it checked to make sure. Good luck

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Thank you, peanutmom. I have a repairman coming tomorrow. I am pretty handy, but messing with the innards of a washing machine is beyond my comfort zone. I suspect you are right-the pump still works on the rinse and drain cycles, but it sounds a bit loud, and I don't want it to blow out.

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Repairman just left. It was a clogged pump. There was a quarter, in there, and a sock! Intact! I have absolutely NO idea how a sock got in there. The repairman was amazed too.

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I am so glad you got it fixed before the pump was ruined. It is good to know that things worked out so well. And I am constantly surprised by the things that make it through all of the filters on the machines we work with everyday.

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Sorry I saw this so late. I downloaded the manual and fixed it myself with DH's assistance to tip the machine and remove the bottom panel. I thought it was a myth that washers "ate" your clothing, but clearly that happens. I found a pair of my undies in there. I would've died had a repairman pulled them out. On this one blog, people had a whole list of things they found in the drain trap, everything from socks, underwear, to coins and toys.

I now use one of those mesh bags for all undies and socks.

Our washer isn't under any extended warranty anymore, so I figured it was worth a try to fix it before I called for repair. Also, the techs that were sent out in the past, I truly question their skill on fixing this machine. No one ever seemed to know what he was doing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blog about E20 code

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Funny thing is that I never ever noticed a missing sock. My son is terrible about leaving odd socks hanging around under his bed, under his desk, etc. I just wash them and throw them in his drawer. I think from now on I'll count the socks that go in the washer and make sure they all come out when the load is done.

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